Reviewed by Lisa Casler

WebRazor by Ulead includes 7 programs that help in the creation of web graphics. The programs are:

Web.Plugins, a set of plugins designed for Photoshop™ and other 32 bit plugin compatible graphic programs. Web.Plugins includes a 3D Button Designer, Frame Designer, Background Designer, one step Drop Shadows, Frame's and Shadows, and Image Map Tags plugins.

Gif Smart Saver, a production and optimization tool that easily creates transparencies, interlaced compact gifs with side by side previews.

Jpeg Smart Saver, allows control over compression ratio, create progressive jpegs and preview in real time.

Animation Saver, optimizes files, folder or web sites of gifs.

GIF Animator, animates gifs frame by frame with many great features such as a banner creator, cube effects, color effects and image transitions.

Photo Explorer, an image browsing tool which can also create thumbnails for printing or exporting for web pages, slide shows and screen saver.

Photo Viewer, a simple but nice image viewing program.

An image map I created in Photoshop™ with Uleads Image Map Tag plugin included in WebRazor. The plugin simplifies image maps by using the native Photoshop™ selection tools. You just select the area, use the Image Map Tag plugin and it creates the image map for you. Just copy and paste the code into your web page.

Image Map Tag plugin and the settings I used for one of the area's.

Gradient Frame
A Gradient Frame applied after using 3D Button Designer on the selected pansy image

Drop Shadow plugin applied

Down Up

Down and Up buttons for Java Buttons


Backgrounds made with the Background Designer

Background Designer
Screen shot of the Background Designer


GIF SmartSaver
GIF SmartSaver in use.
It is easy to use and a must for web site design.


JPEG SmartSaver
JPEG SmartSaver was used on all the jpegs here.
Simple to use and like GIF Smartsaver, a must have program.


Visit Uleads WebRazor site for pricing, updates, 15 day demo, and free downloads for registered users.

Rating: 8

The Plus: A very usable set of programs and plugins. The GIF Animator is excellent as is the Photo Explorer. The various plugins do their job very well, especially GIF SmartSaver and JPEG SmartSaver.

The Minus: A larger manual and a few more plugin's would be nice. Background Designer could use the option to save and create new background types.

Minimum System Requirements:
486-DX2/DX4 or Pentium Compatible System
Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 3.51 or higher
At least 16MB
At least 16MB of disk storage
CD-ROM Drive

Ulead Web Site: http://www.ulead.com/