Viewpoint DataLabs Becomes Exclusive Publisher of REM Infográfica 3D Model Bank

Expansion of archive reinforces Viewpoint's commitment to provide customers with the widest selection of high-quality 3D models worldwide

Orem, UT - Viewpoint® DataLabs International, Inc. today announced it has signed an agreement with REM Infográfica for the exclusive distribution rights to all of the 3D content in the REM 3D MODELS BANK®. Effective with this agreement, the Model Bank will be available exclusively from Viewpoint and its Web site at With the addition of nearly 5,000 REM models, Viewpoint's archive will contain more than 20,000 unique 3D models, images and motions, representing the largest and fastest growing library of 3D digital objects in the world.

REM originally created the REM 3D MODELS BANK to support its 3D business, and has since grown the library into a desirable source of photorealistic, render-ready 3D content for modelers and animators. Today's agreement with Viewpoint allows REM to increase its focus on 3D technology development and ensures that, through Viewpoint, a growing base of customers will have continued direct access to a large selection of textured 3D models.

"Viewpoint is the clear choice as our partner for the Model Bank," said Joe Morley, sales and marketing director of REM Infográfica. "As the established leader in 3D content, Viewpoint has the necessary infrastructure and business reach to provide broader and more direct access, for customers worldwide, to the richest library of 3D digital content - and will also provide our current Model Bank members with ongoing high-quality service and selection. The decision to publish the Model Bank externally enables REM to increase its investments in developing leading edge 3D software technology, including our popular Reyes suite of plug-ins and other 3D animation software, and to make these tools available to existing customers in the entertainment industry as well as to new markets."

"Establishing an exclusive distribution license with REM Infográfica is in keeping with our goal to provide a growing and broad selection of 3D content for all our customers," said John Mellor, vice president of product marketing at Viewpoint. "Combining these content sources accelerates and reinforces Viewpoint's commitment to deliver high quality 3D content and creative services to the entertainment, advertising, visual simulation and computer-based training industries as well as to corporate markets."

Model Bank Details

  • 4,800 Models: The Model Bank contains approximately 1,200 unique 3D models, most available with four levels of detail, providing flexibility for use in projects ranging from high fidelity broadcast to interactive game development.
  • Photorealistic Texture Maps: Each 3D model is available with a detailed texture map for 3D Studio MAX, providing render-ready models and significant time savings.
  • Model Categories: 3D models are available in 15 categories including military and civilian vehicles, aircraft, ships, architecture, furnishings, plants, humans and several more.
  • Discount Pricing: Model Bank members pay an annual subscription fee of $395 and receive up to an 80% discount on the license of individual 3D models in the Bank.
  • Software Formats: The 3D models and texture maps were created in 3D Studio MAX and are popular among MAX users worldwide. Many of the models are also available in other widely used 3D software formats.

Pricing, Licensing and Availability
The Model Bank will remain Web-based and will be available exclusively through Viewpoint effective immediately. Model Bank members accessing the Bank through will automatically be redirected to Viewpoint's Web site at Existing Model Bank subscription memberships will be honored, and the way members access and download 3D models will be consistent for the foreseeable future. Also effective immediately, new memberships to the Model Bank are available from Viewpoint at the current annual subscription fee of $395. Through the annual membership, individual Model Bank 3D models may be licensed throughout the subscription period at prices ranging from $20 to $70 per model, a substantial discount to non-membership pricing.

REM Infográfica SA
REM Infográfica is Europe's leading developer of 3D software for the entertainment sector. Its team of software developers is committed to providing the most creative and innovative tools in the business. REM Infográfica's family of products is constantly expanding with the continued development of its suite of Reyes plug-ins. The market for these products encompasses the film, television, multimedia and audio-visual production industries. REM's mission for the future is to take its experience and know-how gained from developing professional 3D tools and bring that to the desktop PC. REM Infográfica may be reached by visiting its Web site

Viewpoint DataLabs International, Inc.
Viewpoint DataLabs International, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), is widely recognized for creating and publishing the world's largest library of 3D digital content and providing unparalleled custom modeling services. Viewpoint serves thousands of customers in entertainment, visual simulation, corporate communications, computer-based training and advertising - helping create stunning digital effects for films, television programs, advertisements, games and Web sites. Its innovative LiveArt
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