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Figure 7.58 The island displaced with a custom version of the BumpMap+ command, rendered without textures in the mental ray. Printed courtesy of Cyan Inc. Copyright 1997.

The BumpMap tool is a very professional method for painting and then modeling complex surface terrain for later use in 3D worlds. This is the used to create the amazing island landscapes in Cyan's incredible game Riven.

Figure 7.59 The finished, textured, island. Printed courtesy of Cyan Inc. Copyright 1997.



Experiment with all these tools on your own before you use them in production. It will save you time and help you produce more impressive work for your clients.

In this chapter, you learned how to

  • Create and edit polygons, point by point and edge by edge
  • Model from poly primitives
  • Copy, duplicate, and transform polygons
  • Extrude polygons
  • Make polygonal terrain models
  • Round and bevel poly objects
  • Perform Polygon reduction

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