Light* Tutorial

Tony Quach

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  1. Post-Processing (optional)


  • After you’ve gotten all the raytraced images completed, I usually go into Photoshop to do some post-processing work before putting them into my portfolio.
  • Adjust brightness / Contrast
  • Color Balance
  • Adding lens flare around the light fixtures (This technique will be another tutorial).


  1. Final


  • Congratulations, you finally made it all the way through the entire process. As you can see, Light* is a fairly simple program to use. But the images Light* produce can rival those made by programs 10 times as complicated as Light*. Base on my own personal experience, Light* is very easy to learn. But to get the results that are truly photo-realistic, you need to have a good sense of lighting design and a creative mind set.
  • Here is one of my final rendering for this exercise:

Click here to download the Light* project file for this tutorial. (1084k)

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All images by Tony Quach

email: [email protected]