Light* Tutorial

Tony Quach

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  1. Defining Materials


Note: Light* does not have a powerful material editor nor does it come with an extensive material library. So for those of you whose also using MAX or Lightwave, I suggest after you process the solution in Light*, import the scene back into your application and assign the materials from there.

  • As you can see, the materials dialog in Light* is fairly straightforward. One particular feature I like is the Templates pull-down window. It allows you to select pre-defined material properties easily.
  • If you need to assign a map to your material, click on the Texture tab and pick Browse to find the map you need. (see below)

  • To assign a material to an object, highlight the surfaces, right-click on them and choose Assign Material
  • After assigning the material, you can again right-click on the surfaces and choose Texture Alignment to correctly align the texture to each individual surface. Turn on you hardware texture display by clicking on its button to help you see the orientation of the textures.

  • For the luminaires material, I usually creating a white color material with a Luminance (Self-illuminating) value at about 1000 cd/m2.

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