Light* Tutorial

Tony Quach

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  1. Defining Luminaires


  • Now that you have all your lights in the imported as blocks, you are going to define Luminaires from each block.
  • Highlight a block from the list and right-click on the name. Choose Define as Luminaire…, Pick yes when prompted if you’re sure if you want to continue.


  • Light* will then take you into the photometrics properties dialog. From here, you are going to define the characteristics of each luminaires, including the type of lamp, color, intensiy, and beam & field angle.

NOTE: Since Light* uses real photometric data of lamps, you can usually browse through different lamp manufacturers’ catalog to obtain the exact lamp you plan to use. Some manufacturers even have IES data of their lamps that they can send to you for free. A starting point to search for lamps might be looking at manufacturers like Sylvannia, GE, Litholier, etc…

  • The first thing you should do is to place your luminaire icon to the right spot on your light. If you don’t see it on your screen at this time, just click on the Zoom Extent button at the top of the screen. After locating the icon, you can either manually move it or have Light* snap it to a certain vertex on the light automatically.

  • Next thing to do is to define the type and color of the lamp you’re using.

pic-9.jpg (31957 bytes)  

  • Finally, pick an intensity value for the luminaire and adjust its beam & field angle. Remember, you can input IES photometric data from lamp manufacturers if you have them.

  • After you define all of the luminaires, you can begin placing them in your scene. Highlight one luminaire, right-click on it and choose Create Single Instance.
  • If you have more than one instances of a certain luminaire in you scene, you need to copy them now. Click on the new luminaire to hightlighted. Then right-click it and pick either Duplicate or Multiple Duplicate. If you chose Duplicate, you will have to move the newly created luminaire by right-clicking on it and pick Transformation.

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