More Photoshop Layers Effects
by Piero Desopo

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Example 4: mixing two images.

With  layers we can make another great effect: blend one image into another!

For this example I have used two images. I have selected only the areas that we need for this example. Since the selection technique will explained in a next tutorial you can donwload the PSD file to practice with.

First image

Second Image

First I have deleted the man's face and I have replaced it with a copy of the sky. You'll find this layer just ready on the PSD file.

Then I have selected the falcon and I have copied and pasted it on the first image. When you copy an image into another Photoshop automatically create a new layer.

Even if the images have colors enough similar there are several points where there not blend correctly. Look here:

To avoid this problem you can use the Stamp tool. To get the better result you must copy small zones of the first layer on the second. You should blend the dress into the falcon's feather.

To make these copies without flatten the layers you can use a features of the Stamp tool that in Photoshop 5 is "Use All Layers" that you can find in the Options Tools (press enter to see this window - in Photoshop 4 "Sample merged").

When you make the copies use different brush size and different Stamp opacity. This can give to you a good help to make the effect.