Improving Skies: Many Means to an End with in:sync Speed Razor 4.0

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Solution 1: Improve the sky using only the Gradient Designer effect.

To simulate a gradient filter using the gradient designer effect:

Place the shot you wish the enhance on the first video layer on the timeline (V1). In this example I am using the ChurchSkyline.tga

Next add the Gradient Designer effect on the timeline below the skyline (on V2).

Setup a gradient in the effect, simulating a gradient akin to a camera filter you may use during acquisition (eg: Cokin filters). The Gradient effect should come preset to a linear gradient from lower left red to upper right green, close to the desired result. First align the two control points (labeled 0 & 1 in the Item Info window).

To align the control points, select the Video tab of the Item Info window. Next, highlight the Gradient effect on the timeline. Click above the effect the render a single frame preview of the effect - a red to green gradient appears. You will also see the gradient and two control nodes in both the playback window and the result window. Grab each node, one at a time, and center it horizontally. As mentioned before, Speed Razor allows several different ways of accomplishing the same task. The quick, easy, and most precise way is to go to the Item Info window and adjust the numeric values for the control nodes. First double click on the numeric value for "Point 0 x," press 0 on your keyboard and viola, the point is now centered on the X-axis. Repeat this for "Point 1 x" and your gradient orientation is all set.

Next let’s choose the color to add to the sky. Based on the same starting point as the effect preset, RGB 1 will be the uppermost color in our gradient - applied to the sky - and RGB 0 will be the color applied to the skyline. First select any of the first three color picker buttons (to the right of Red 0, Green 0, or Blue 0). This will bring up the picker dialog box. Since this is the skyline color, and we do not want to alter that, we'll choose a neutral shade of gray. For RGB 1 we'll choose a nice blue to give the sky a little color (also, <....pst LINK:here> is a preset that includes a few color sky gradients to start you off).

We have now completed our primary setup of the gradient. Next we’ll apply it to our image. For the first solution, we'll just grab our video opacity graph and lower it, until we have the desired effect. You will probably want to tighten up the nodes around the skyline.