by Steve Roberts

Using Digital Fusion to Create a "Teleporter" Effect

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Step 14. Advance the Current Frame to 60 and adjust the Drip’s Amplitude value to 0. This sets another keyframe of this value at frame 60. The Drip’s Amplitude control is now animated as required.

Step 15. Drag and drop a Saver tool to the tile on the right of the Merge. Expand its controls and select a desired file name and format.

Step 16. Set the Render Start value to 0 and the Render End value to 200 at the bottom of the interface. Save the Flow and press the Render button. This will cause a 200-frame clip to be rendered and saved to the location selected.


The "Transporter" effect relies on the classic blue screen key. It adds a sense of suspense and technology to the otherwise simple shot. Digital Fusion has the ability to create impressive effects with just a few simple tools. The Flow Layout enables an artist to quickly make changes to a composition, allowing several creative options to be explored. Digital Fusion’s drag and drop methodology and intuitive interface allow even complex compositions to be created and modified with interactive visual feedback.

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