by Steve Roberts

Using Digital Fusion to Create a "Teleporter" Effect

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Step 10. Drag and drop a Drip tool from the Tool Bar between the UltraKey tool and Merge 1. This will expand the Flow as required to accommodate the new tool. It will connect the output of the UltraKey tool to the Drip’s input and the Drip’s output to the Merge’s foreground input.


Step 11. The Drip tool causes ring-like distortions to an image by default. Adjusting the tool’s controls can modify this effect. To do this, double click on the Drip tool in the Flow to expand its controls.

Step 12. Select the Random option from the Shape drop-down list. Increase the Amplitude control to cause the soldier’s image to break apart into random particles, simulating the "Transporter" effect desired.


Step 13. Animate the Amplitude of the Drip to create the "Beam Me Up" effect from frame 0 to 60. To do this, first return the Current Frame value to 0. Next, right-click on the Amplitude control and select Bezier Spline from the context menu. Adjust the Amplitude value to 1 (maximum) which will set a keyframe of this value at frame 0.