by Steve Roberts

Using Digital Fusion to Create a "Teleporter" Effect

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Step 6. Box select (marquee) the blue areas of the image in the Large View to create a matte based on the image’s blue background. The selection process is accumulative, so several selections are possible. For a good view of the matte being created, drag and drop the Ultra Key tool into the Small viewing area above the controls. Change the channel being viewed in the Small View to the Alpha channel. To do this, right click on the view and select Display, then Alpha from the context menu.


Step 7. To further adjust the matte, select (click) the Ultra Key tool’s Image Controls tab. Drag the Spill Suppression slider to the maximum amount. Select "Well Done" from the Spill Method drop-down list. Finally enable (check) the Post Multiply Image option. All these will cause the matte to be improved and the blue to be removed from the image.


Step 8. Using Windows NT Explorer, Drag and drop any file from the Med_Back2 folder in the second Image CD, to the tile directly below Loader 1. This will automatically add another Loader tool to the flow, then load and sort all the files in the folder.

Step 9. Drag the output of the UltraKey tool (red rectangle) over the output of Loader 2. This will cause a Merge tool to be added to the flow. The Merge tool is the heart of Digital Fusion’s compositing capabilities. Additionally, the UltraKey tool’s output is automatically connected to the Merge’s foreground input and Loader 2’s output is connected to the Merge’s background input. This causes the soldiers’ image ("cut out" by the UltraKey tool), to appear over top of the warehouse image.