For June Brides

Condensing Titles Created with Video Action Filters

By Paul M. Grossman

"April showers, Bring May Flowers, For June Brides"

I remember my grandmother teaching me that little memory poem when I was young. Being the wedding season, I thought I would design a nice title sequence in honor of that special day, as well as my Grandmother, since she now has an Internet connection. You are probably most familiar with this effect on car commercials. Lines of condensing text fade up and down over the video. We will create this effect using Video Action with a proper font and color for the opening credits of a wedding video.

To begin with we will need to use a Character Generator software package to create three 32-bit TGA titles, each with one line of the text properly positioned. The best way to do this is to format all the lines on one page and save it. Next remove all the text below the first line, and then use ‘Save As…’ to save the page with an individual line. Reload the original title page and repeat the process with the remaining lines.


The Set Up

We begin with the background video on track 1. Drag the titles to tracks 3 and 4 as shown above. Next click the ‘FX’ button and apply the VSA filter. We want the title to stay full screen in the center. Under the Effect menu select Fit To Screen – Full Screen. Next, click the "No Mot" to keep the title from moving.

This effect resizes the titles over time. To do this, grab the keyframe slider at the top of the screen and move it all the way to the end. Next click the 3D Resize button on the hand side of the screen. (The pink cube) Two more buttons will appear. Make sure only the top Horizontal resize button is depressed. Next drag your mouse cursor along the screen and squeeze the title to about one-third of it’s original size. That’s it for this filter, so click the OK button.

One of the nice features of Video Action is that it automatically recognizes 32-bit alpha channel images. But we do need to fade the text in and out. To do this, apply a Transparency Assignment filter to create a custom fade. Slide the Foreground transparency to 100.

Next click the Keyframe button and add a keyframe at 20%. Slide the Foreground Transparency to 0. Repeat this step at 80% as well.

The fade is complete so click the OK button on the filter and on the Apply Effects interface.

The Shortcut.

The last step is to apply the filters to the remaining video clips. In prior articles I wrote about saving your effects in a filter macro file. This way you could simply load the effect macro on another clip. Today I will use a faster method. Right click on the first title clip and select ‘Copy Attributes’. Next, right click on the other CG titles and Select ‘Paste Attributes’. The same effect is now applied to all the titles.

All that is left to do is to render the effect.

Here is an example of the final output.

Click above image to see an example video clip (mpeg)

In addition, here is the completed filter macro to use on your own projects. Condensing fade.flt

Lastly, for those of us with kids, If April Showers Bring May Flowers, What Do May Flowers Bring? Pilgrims, of course!

Have fun!

The author welcomes comments and questions. He can be reached at [email protected]

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