The Burning Man Experience, Part II
A Typically Bizzare Day on the Playa
Video by Allan Lundell in RealVideo format

by Allan Lundell

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We begin a day at Burning Man as thousands of others do, lounging around in our RV, entertaining each other and our guests, getting ready for another extremely unique, fun-packed day. This morning Lumina Lovestar, designer of love temples, and reporter for, joins RV captain John Graham and myself, ready for the day's adventure.

Soon the Butterfly Man arrives with his electric-powered fluttering chariot, ready to give the cute ladies in our camp a free ride on his winged insectoid steed. Camp mate Yellow Crystal Star goes for it, and we get to see Butterfly Man do his thing...notice that awesome acceleration!

As we walk by the Radio Free Burning Man in Center Circle in the 100 degree F plus heat, a fellow reveller comments on the day so far...

To give you perspective, we take you to the roof of our RV, behind the radio station. Check out those brilliantly illuminated mountains behind the playa..

Next, we catch a Burning Man marching band while bicycling. I recognize the Viking Girl with the javelin as Karie, a UCSC student who made last year's Burning Man a major anthropology project. This year, it looks like the scientist in her has really come out to play...

Riding further out on the playa, we pass a large, flowing tropical fish-like wind scuplture. When I first saw it, I thought it might be some kind of flying contraption, but on closer inspection, it was, well, a fine example of playa art.

While taking a stroll out on the Esplanade, fellow camp mate Princess Rowan and I observe a happening mobile band cruizing by on the playa.. "They are rocking, literally!" she exclaims.

But not all is milk and honey in Playaland. After all, what's life without a little drama? Almost out of thin air, a tempermental dust storm descends on us, creating whiteout conditions, flinging dense clouds of super fine alkaloid dust particles at us in gusts of up to 50 mph. Yum, pass the water! Lumina and I escape into a nearby work van, where we take a moment to document our current condition.

Aaah, natural states of Burning Man bliss return as Lumina, myself and Yellow Crystal Star visit the Water Woman Goddess Temple. Here, sheltered from the heat and dust of the playa by a large tent crafted from surplus parachutes, is a real honest-to-goddess hot tub, big enough for a dozen people! With Peppe,the grand old architect of Burning Man classics like The Temple of Ishatar, watching from the side, Lumina and Star take turns floating each other, helping each other de-stress from the travails of the day. Sisterly love at it's tenderest!


De-stressing is the name of the game as poetress Alex gives her acupuncturist prone friend, Steve, a deep Reike massage at Icarus Camp, off the Southern Promenade...She has gotten very good at this!

Now, watch carefully, as the camera pulls back, pans up and zooms in to reveal one of the world's largest Tesla coils, sitting right out there on the dry lake bottom, ready to deliver 20 foot bolts of raw lightning to those who are ready to receive.... Are you? If so, click on the movie below...

A word of warning, however...Experiencing the Tesla coil in action may give you a little jolt of adrenaline, a bit like a shot of cappaccino. You may want to play the clip again and again, and again to whoever else is in the room with you. Ok, you've been enjoy!!

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