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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training: Settings By Antony Bolante In this clip, host Antony Bolante covers how to specify the settings, such as general settings, safe zones, and scratch disks, in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. He details how to start a new project, what a project is, and how to create a project and add assets to a Premiere Pro CS4 project. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro Advanced Technique: Copying, Pasting, and Removing Attributes By Heath McKnight Ever run into this scenario while editing in Final Cut Pro? You're tweaking a filter on a clip in FCP, and you know you have to apply it to at least three or four identical clips. What's the easiest, fastest and most productive way to apply the filter with the customized settings? By working with attributes! ...Read More »
Exporting movies in Final Cut Pro By Craig Elliott Hanna When supplying film and video assets in a digital format, most post- or authoring houses will want an uncompressed version of your project (QuickTime? or AVI) delivered on a portable hard drive. This method is best for supplying projects because it removes the risks involved with additional compression and subsequent loss of quality. ...Read More »
Device Central CS4 Essential Training: How content is distributed By Dale Rankine This video covers the various ways that content is distributed, from the developer, aggregator, and operator, to how you work with the aggregators to source the content and services. Dale covers the various business models in place in the mobile market and how they may affect the decisions you make in terms of where you want to participate. ...Read More »
Sonicfire Pro 5 Express Track Edition - Overview By Larry Jordan Larry Jordan shows you how to quickly FIND, CUSTOMIZE and USE thousands of customizable royalty-free music track from the SmartSound Music library. No other music library solution gives you this much customization control over prerecorded music. ...Read More »
Using Sensory Searching in Sonicfire Pro 5 Express Track By Larry Jordan Larry Jordan demonstrates the new Sensory Searching features of SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5. Sensory Searching is a brand new way of finding music by adapting the search to respond to your preferences rather than relying on textual keyword or category searching. ...Read More »
Exporting Music and Using Smart Recall in Sonicfire Pro 5 By Larry Jordan Larry Jordan shows you how to get music from Sonicfire Pro 5 into your video or audio projects. A built in Sent To option sends the music right into your project making it the fastest way to get customized music into your timeline. Advanced options like exporting instruments as separate layers is useful for later customizing and surround sound mixes. ...Read More »
Sonicfire Pro 5 Tutorials: Mood Mapping By Larry Jordan In this video clip, host Larry Jordan shows you how to use the Mood Mapping feature of Sonicfire Pro 5 to adjust the music to fit the changing moods of your production. With SmartSound's huge library of Multi-Layer Music, the Mood Mapping feature gives you access to up to 9 separate instrument layers. ...Read More »
Smartsound Sonicfire Pro 5 Tutorials: Scoring Edition overview By Larry Jordan Larry Jordan takes you on a tour of the powerful timeline-based interface of the Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition. Learn your way around the different windows: Timeline, Properties, VU Meters, Bin/Spotting, and Video. Larry also gets started with a project so you can see the basic functionality. ...Read More »
Cycore Path Tools For Type at the Edge By Jean Hauptman Before we get to the "How To," I want to briefly discuss both new Path Tools. The two filters are simple for beginners, but include multiple levels for advanced users--so the options for custom effects seem limitless. ...Read More »
Working With Compressed HD In The Comfort Of Your Own Home By Kevin McAuliffe Much like vinyl, VHS and paper (movie, plane, concert, etc.) tickets, large post production houses are the way of the past. With the inception of Pro Res (Apple) and DNX (Avid), I (or my clients for that matter) don't need to spend excessive amounts of money to use a facility to edit HD content. I can do it in the comfort of my own home. In this article I'm going to break down the three main things you need to edit compressed HD from the comfort of your own home. ...Read More »
After Effects CS3 Level 1: Adding a movie with a mask By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer how to add a movie to a composition and adding a mask in After Effects CS3. He shows how to drop the movie onto the timeline in full screen and then goes about showing how to add a mask with the mask tool. ...Read More »
Motion 3 Level 1: Working with movies and masks By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer covers working with movies and masks. He shows how to set the project standard from the preset. He shows how to deal with multiple objects in a project, how to make a composite of several movies, and how to bring in multiple files as well into your Motion project. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Level 3: Masks and Mattes By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer covers how to work with masks and mattes in Apple Final Cut Pro. One of the things you want to do with a clip is get rid of part of the image and one of the easiest ways to do this is to crop it. It doesn't always work, and another way to do it is to create a garbage matte and an image mask. he shows how to create these in this tutorial. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Level 1: Trim Operations By Tom Mavro-Michaelis In this training video, host Tom Mavro-Michaelis discusses how to amend clips in a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. He specifically discusses moving clips, moving edits, and trimming clips in a sequence on a timeline. ...Read More »
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Level 1: Capture By Tom Mavro-Michaelis In this training video, host Tom Mavro-Michaelis covers the basic capture process in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. He shows how to access the capture controls, how to control the tape, work with the jog and shuttle control, and so forth. He also shows how to preview the tape, fast forward and rewind, pausing the tape using the space bar, and using the jog controller. ...Read More »
Premiere CS3 level 1: Applying effects By Tom Mavro-Michaelis In this training video, host Tom Mavro-Michaelis discusses how to apply video filter effects to clips on the timeline in a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. He covers the various effects in the effects folder. ...Read More »
After Effects CS3 Level 2: Shy layers and introducing duplicating keyframes across time By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer discusses Shy layers and introducing duplicating keyframes across time. When you start building your projects out, you soon find out that your timeline is full of layers, which causes a lot of scrolling. A fix for this is to make the layers shy, which is sort of the opposite of turning the layers on and off. He details some of the solutions for the clutter, and shows the shy layer button, and how to turn it on. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 level 1: Batch Export By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer transitions in Final Cut Pro. Leer details all the different ways to apply transitions into Final Cut Pro, including the easiest, dragging and dropping the transition from the effects tab in the browser. He shows what is under the effects tab, looking for video transitions. He also shows how to change the default transitions. ...Read More »
Using Add TransferMode in FinalCut By Ko Maruyama Joel Holland has offered up some free footage in both High Def and Standard Def formats - so why not use them? But if you don't know how to composite in Apple's Final Cut Pro, don't worry that these free graphic elements don't come with alpha channels, you can use transfer modes to drop out the darkest parts of the movie without keying. ...Read More »
Automatic Duck Pro Export 4.0 for Final Cut Pro By Kevin McAuliffe As I have said in previous articles, there is no better tool on the market for FCP and Avid editors to invest in, then the Automatic Duck family of plug-ins. What they give editors on both platforms is not only a way to move between their editing program of choice and Adobe's After Effects (Pro Import AE), but the capability to move back and forth between editing applications (Pro Export FCP, Pro Import FCP) and post audio workstations alike. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Level 2: Preferences, projects and sequences By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer discusses preferences, projects and sequences. The preferences in FCP have been sub grouped in different headings, making it easier to find things. He shows the FCP menu and goes over each of the preferences in the menu, starting with the Audio Video settings. he also covers preferences under the General tab, editing, Timeline, Render control, and Audio outputs. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Level 3: Ripple and Rolling edits By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer covers ripple and rolling edits. He setys up FCP for Ripple editing and describes what a ripple edit is and what it does to your timeline. He also covers what a rolling edit is as well and gives detailed explanation on how to perform a ripple and rolling edit. ...Read More »
Working with XDCAM EX Footage in Final Cut Pro 6 By Heath McKnight The Sony XDCAM EX line of cameras, which include the PMW-EX1 and EX3, offer full HD resolution recording (1920 x 1080), which record onto non-linear flash-based cards that Sony has named SxS. Speed is always of the utmost importance, so it's great to be able to get clips into Final Cut Pro fast and easy. ...Read More »
Edit in Media Composer and create DVDs in DVD Studio Pro By Kevin McAuliffe For the last of my three part series, I'm going to take a look at using Avid's Media Composer (MC) to edit with, and DVD Studio Pro to create your DVDs, and the process you will go through to create your DVDs. ...Read More »
How to Record Computer Screen and Upload to Youtube By WIKI Nowadays broadcast application tutorials and product presentation videos on Youtube, teaching on Youtube become more and more hot. How to record computer screen and upload to Youtube? The first thing you may think is use a DV camcorder, camera to face it and then record. It is too difficult. The following is the step-by-step tutorial of how to record computer screen and upload to Youtube in minutes. ...Read More »
Exporting a Media Composer edit to Soundtrack Pro By Kevin McAuliffe For the second of my three part article series, I will look at the second most important part of your edit, and that is the sound mix. In many cases, the sound mix can make or break your show. Avid has always been the leader when it comes to taking an edit from the Media Composer (MC), and sending it via OMF to ProTools for a mix, and then sending it back to MC for the final output. ...Read More »
Why Media Composer editors should not overlook Final Cut Studio 2 By Kevin McAuliffe There's a big dilemma for Media Composer editors these days. They don't want to switch to Final Cut Studio 2 for editing, but they like all the other applications in the Studio 2 bundle. I am definitely of the opinion that Media Composer editors should not overlook the power of Final Cut Studio 2, even if they don't want to use it for editing. ...Read More »
Five Quick Tips For Media Composer Editors By Kevin McAuliffe Since I wrote a review of the new Media Composer (MC) v. 3.0 software, I thought I would take a look at five good, quick tips for all you seasoned and new editors to the software. These tips are not only good for the current version, but would be good for users all the way back to v. 5.5 of the original MC (and yes, I've been editing with MC for that long). ...Read More »
Getting acquainted with Nuke - Part 1 By David Basulto At this past NAB I had the pleasure of meeting the fine folks from The Foundry. I have been a fan of their Tinderbox plug-ins for After Effects for quite some time. During our meeting they showed me their ultra cool compositing tool, Nuke. ...Read More »
Color correcting the Rebel way in After Effects By David Basulto I recently received an email from a very smart high school student (smart because he is learning After Effects in high school). He was in a bit of a dilemma. He pleaded with his parents to buy him Red Giant Software's Colorista plug in for his birthday to no avail. He asked me in his email what was out there that was like it. Enter Rebel CC. ...Read More »
Keying in Motion Part 2 By David Basulto In this video, host Dave Basulto shares part two of his keying in motion tutorial. He uses DV Matte Pro by DV Garage in this tutorial. ...Read More »
Boris FX Tutorial: Using Light Effects This tutorial uses BCC Rays Cartoon in Apple Final Cut Pro to generate a volumetric lighting effect on an animated text element. The BCC Rays Cartoon filter will also give the text the appearance of being made of neon lights. ...Read More »
How to get SDI Timecode into Final Cut Pro using AJA capture devices By Kevin McAuliffe I had a reader e-mail me with an interesting question. The problem that they were experiencing was that they were in the field shooting HD, and wanted to capture the footage they shot into their edit system that they had with them, but the only VTR they had was the camera itself. Most people might say "No problem, just hook up the HD-SDI, and capture your video and audio!". That is true, except for one problem. ...Read More »
Trashing Preferences in Final Cut Pro By David Basulto Editing in Final Cut Pro is wonderful for me. I love the layout and its ease of use. To learn the basic controls is easy and a quick learn. What I wasn't prepared for was the lovely (and I mean that in the most sarcastic manner) beach balls that pop up when I am in the middle of working. "What is going on now?" I would ask myself. I would scrub the timeline only to find myself locking up and that vicious beach ball appearing from the dark depths of my mighty Mac Pro. ...Read More »
Gain Adjust: Absolute vs Relative Audio In Final Cut Pro By Kevin McAuliffe Nothing drives an editor crazier than when they have gotten to the end of a project, and the producer/director says "Can you bring the on-camera dialog up 5db across the board?" Most editors, at this point, would run screaming out of the edit suite, as it always takes forever to go clip by clip to raise the audio universally, especially if you have adjusted that specific track to varying levels throughout your entire show. ...Read More »
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