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Top Web-to-Print Online Editor Delivers Unparalleled Customization By Clip Syndicate SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#HTML5--Silicon Publishing announces a new version of Silicon Designer, the first white-label online editing solution to offer complete standards-based customization for modern web developers. ...Read More »
Anatomy of an Optimized Wordpress Theme Designed for Conversions By Jonathon Ohayon The life of a digital marketer is an interesting one. There is never a dull moment- there are new trends to read about, new social media platforms to master, a countless supply of SEO tips and tricks to try, content and creative to develop and so forth. It can be exciting, inspiring, and overwhelming, all at once. And while these are all necessary functions that we are tasked with performing, they can also distract from the #1 thing that digital marketing needs to help achieve: CONVERSIONS! ...Read More »
Manga Studio becomes Clip Studio Paint By Ko Maruyama SmithMicro has many software options for illustrators, but for fans at ComicCon in Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose this week will get a first look at the demos of this software. The new version of Manga Studio also brings a new name. Clip Studio Paint offers a better description of the potential it offers artists, cel animation. ...Read More »
Patternodes for Mac By Ko Maruyama PatterNodes for Mac gets a new version that is stronger and easier to use. Designing patterns is fun, and with several different applications for the Mac, it is easy to find one, but PatterNodes allows for simple nodal creation of seamless tiles using procedural or bitmap images as inputs. ...Read More »
The Foundry's Mischief By Ko Maruyama Here's my 4 minute review after a first look at the software. Seriously - in 2 minutes, you'll be comfortable with the software. Why? Because it just does one thing - sketching. This is what it was meant to do. And it is RIDICULOUSLY FAST. ...Read More »
Designing For Tablets By Joseph Lowery In this segment of the video course Dreamweaver CS6 and Wordpress 3.8: Core Concepts Designing For Tablets shows how to combine the utility of WordPress and the power of Dreamweaver to transition existing websites to the WordPress platform. ...Read More »
Video: Adobe's Photoshop Express Now On Windows Phone By Clip Syndicate Adobe launched Photoshop Express for Windows Phone Thursday, finally bringing its first image-editing app to the platform. The app will follow the same freemium model as the iOS and Android version of Photoshop Express, with basic editing features available for free and more advanced effects available through in-app purchases. ...Read More »
How To Keep Up With New Programming Languages By DMO Affiliate Web developer Robert Williams shares his tips on keeping up with programming languages, when it seems like a new one comes out almost every day. New developments come out all the time, with technologies like Node and Phantom that allow developers to use the language on a server, as well as new APIs that continue to extend its reach. Overall, Williams advises developers not to worry too much about what language they start with, saying, "the important part is to get started and keep learning."

 ...Read More »
Snapchat Lures Brands With New Customized Photo Filters By DMO Affiliate Snapchat has discovered a new way to entice brands to its service — customizable photo filters. The ephemeral messaging app is testing a new feature that allows brands to add their logo to images or videos they send out to followers.

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Brave New Adobe By DMO Affiliate Adobe announced one of its largest updates to Creative Cloud today and released its first hardware devices. But more than just launching new features for Photoshop or Lightroom, todays update really puts the spotlight on the changes the company has been going through over the last few years since it first started to move from shrink-wrapped software to becoming a services company. The key example for this is the launch of the Creative SDK today. This will bring many of the key features of Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop or Lightroom to third-party mobile applications.

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Adobe Upgrades Creative Cloud, Adds New Mobile Apps And Creative Hardware By DMO Affiliate Adobe aims to establish itself as more of a service platform today with a focus on mobile first and the largest overhaul of Creative Cloud desktop applications to date. All 14 desktop applications in Adobes creative suite get an upgrade. The company is also introducing a new Creative SDK library for mobile developers, five new mobile apps, and two pieces of hardware to use for precision graphics on iPad.

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Fiat's Latest TV Ad Is Composed Entirely Of GIFs By DMO Affiliate Is this the future of advertising? Fiat's latest TV ad, released last week, is composed completely of GIFs from its Tumblr. The CMO Olivier Francois told Creativity Online that he likes its raw look. It's an experiment," Mr. Francois said. "If it works — and so far so good. If it doesn't work, no big deal. We didn't invest so much money."

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World Cup Movie Posters Imagine Soccer's Hollywood Ending By DMO Affiliate An event as massive as the World Cup deserves the Hollywood blockbuster treatment. Designers Edoardo Santamato and Benedetto Papi from Italian creative agency Invasione Creativa reimagines the contenders for the 2014 World Cup as some of the most iconic movie posters in cinema history. Some of the posters feature the nations' home-grown film works, like Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the United States team or Godzilla for Japan.

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Is Karl Lagerfeld Ripping Off New Balance? By DMO Affiliate Chanel and sportswear label New Balance aren't exactly two brands we think of as having a whole lot in common. But, New Balance is suing Chanel's creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, for allegedly ripping off one of their sneaker designs. The "fashion sneaker" is a popular trend right now, one that Lagerfeld clearly wanted to make his own interpretation of. But according to New Balance, his design looks a little too similar to their own. Like, really similar. In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the footwear company is saying that other than the capital "K" on Lagerfeld's sneaker instead of their "N," the shoes are nearly identical.

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Instagram Adds 10 New Features, So Anyone Can Be A Photo Geek By DMO Affiliate Photo filters are now just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to editing images on Instagram . The photo-sharing service announced 10 new editing tools on Tuesday for both iOS and Android. In addition to new adjustments like contrast, brightness and saturation, Instagram's filters have also been tweaked; users can now adjust the filter's intensity with a slide bar. ...Read More »
Instagram Adds 10 New Features, So Anyone Can Be A Photo Geek By DMO Affiliate Photo filters are now just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to editing images on Instagram . The photo-sharing service announced 10 new editing tools on Tuesday for both iOS and Android. In addition to new adjustments like contrast, brightness and saturation, Instagram's filters have also been tweaked; users can now adjust the filter's intensity with a slide bar. ...Read More »
Massimos Last Letters By DMO Affiliate Massimo Vignelli, the acclaimed graphic designer who died Tuesday, reads from letters sent by those inspired by his work. His son put out a call for the letters when his father fell ill. ...Read More »
Noted Graphic Designer Dies By DMO Affiliate A renowned graphic designer whose vision extended from subterranean transit maps to airline logos has died. Massimo Vignelli was 83. Yoshiki Waterhouse, who worked at Vignelli's firm, says the designer had been ill and died Tuesday at his Manhattan home. The Italian-born Vignelli worked on a variety of projects throughout his career. They include the original branding for American Airlines as well as a version of the New York City subway map published in 1972. ...Read More »
Google Launches Magazine-Style Ads That Brings Text Ads To Display Ad Units By DMO Affiliate Google is launching a new ad unit that brings standard text ads to sites that would normally just run display ads. Google says,these so-called “magazine-style ads will only feature text, but will appear with “a design aesthetic suitable for display."The company simply takes the text and reformats it into one of the larger ad units typically used for display ads, with a lot of whitespace around the text. ...Read More »
Facebook's Audience Network: What It Means For Mobile Ads By DMO Affiliate Facebook, the social media giant that has already made a large dent in the mobile ad ecosystem, today showed it has no plans to stop the momentum: Welcome, Audience Network. Before today, there were already several factors working in Facebooks favor: its reach among avid social users, its engaged and captive audience, and its trove of affinity data, which my colleague Nate Elliott talks more about in his blog post here. What could make this Audience Network important in the mobile ad world? It has the potential to execute against the integrated formats and personalized targeting required for mobile ads to succeed. ...Read More »
SungardASVoice: Three Things Businesses Can Learn From The Decline Of American Idol By DMO Affiliate Thirteen years into its prime-time run, “American Idol is a brand in decline. But the kinds of things the show can doand, in some cases, is doingto change its fortunes can serve as an example to other businesses, as well. So, what can businesses learn from “American Idols downward slide? Experts say lessons include: Stay distinctive; listen to your critics; and constantly reassess your brand. Branding expert Karen Post says "Most brands get stale over time, especially if your audience is impacted by trends, fashion and pop culture. American Idol is feeling like a light blue leisure suit instead of an ‘it persona in the latest runway look. Brands need to stay relevant.” ...Read More »
Daft Punk Releases Awesome Vintage Posters Inspired By The Disco Era By DMO Affiliate Daft Punk's helmeted personas and high-tech stage designs makes them seem like a band of the future, but for a new ad campaign, they're looking back to their disco roots. For a rollout of new merchandise, Daft Punk has created posters that stir up memories of '70s dance floors. The retro posters are part of an ad campaign for Daft Punk's newly released T-shirts, belt buckles, and canvas tote bags. The posters include the duo's lyrics, along with cheesy slogans, and vintage graphics. ...Read More »
The Inside Story On The Resurrection Of Twinkies By DMO Affiliate On November 16, 2012, Hostess was forced to liquidate its assets after failed union negotiations ended its plans to emerge from bankruptcy. Americas beloved Twinkies and Cupcakes would cease to be made. What followed over the next nine months was one of the most successful brand revitalization efforts of recent history. Rich Seban, Hostess Brands President and COO was instrumental in finding new buyers for the major brand assets, shedding the previous bakery business and consolidating manufacturing facilities for the remaining products. Without any revenue and with no marketing department, he then set out to plan what became known as “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.” ...Read More »
Want A Job? Try The Pot Industry By DMO Affiliate Seeking: web developer, marketing associate, and budtender. The jobs run the gamut, but they're all open positions at companies in the marijuana industry, 15 of which will be talking to potential candidates Thursday at a cannabis related job fair in Denver. The industry has been growing in Colorado ever since medicinal marijuana dispensaries were legalized in 2000, but growth exploded this year after the state legalized recreational marijuana starting on Jan. 1. More than 160 businesses have been licensed to sell recreational weed to the public since then. ...Read More »
Video: Why CMOs Must Change Their Plans For Facebook By Clip Syndicate CMOs have been sold on the belief that they must build up a large, highly engaged community on Facebook and only then will they see a return on investment from their social advertising spend. This is true to an extent but it has had the adverse effect of creating a glut of boring, stale ad copy and wall posts that are primarily aimed at generating likes and shares. This outdated model of Facebook marketing does little to drive consumer actions and generate new business. ...Read More »
Mad Men's Season 7 Poster Is Totally Groovy By DMO Affiliate Mad Men's totally groovy new artwork for the upcoming 7th and final season, which was created by renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser. The AMC hit's new poster is loud, colorful and exuberant, totally capturing the style of the late '60s that Glaser helped to create. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has been a longtime fan of Glaser's work and has always wished to collaborate with the artist. We're guessing this poster may find a spot on Weiner's wall, too! ...Read More »
Video: Russell Brand Isn’t Allowed In South Africa! By Clip Syndicate This is bad news for all of South Africa. Russell Brand tweeted a picture of himself at the airport on Friday and said: “Banned from South Africa. Here ready to go. Refused entry. Hope I can come soon". Weirdly, Brand didn’t give a reason for why he was banned from the country, but one can only imagine it’s something scandalous ! Ha! Maybe the comedian can hold a special destination show for all of his South African fans in the future! Until then, there’s always YouTube ! ...Read More »
Hacker "Boot Camp" Helps Launch Tech Careers By DMO Affiliate Dev Bootcamp is one of a new breed of computer programming school in San Francisco and other U.S. tech hubs. These hacker "boot camps" promise to teach students how to write code in two or three months and help them get hired as web developers. (April 12) ...Read More »
Developer Breaks Down Amazons Super Smooth Menu By DMO Affiliate Drop down menus. These kitchen cabinets of the Internet are ideal for sorting information. One curious web developer was so baffled by the menu design of he had to figure out what made it tick. ...Read More »
DT Daily: 'Leap second' bug wrecks the Web, Sony buys GaiKai By DMO Affiliate Sony buys gaming service GaiKai, Facebook email outrage continues, comedies take the weekend box office, Beats Electronics acquires music streaming service MOG, Android loses Adobe Flash, and the viral video bus monitor bullies get their punishment. ...Read More »
Word for Mac Essential Training: Part 11 of 13 By David Rivers In Word for Mac Essential Training, instructor David Rivers examines each important feature of this ubiquitous word processing software. David explores the Word for Mac interface, goes over simple tasks such as creating and saving documents, and delves into advanced editing, formatting, and layout features. He also teaches how to proof documents, use the powerful Mail Merge Manager, and share, print, and collaborate on projects. In this installment we look at sending and sharing documents via email. ...Read More »
Importing from iPhoto or Aperture By Diana Weynand, James Alguire and RevUpTansmedia If you are an avid user of iPhoto or Aperture, Apple's consumer and professional photo management tools you probably have shoeboxes worth of photos, all carefully organized, cropped, color adjusted, keyword tagged, and now just crying to be seen. Somewhere. Anywhere? ...Read More »
How To Draw A Alien By DMO Affiliate This instructional video is a lesson in drawing. A graphic designer and illustrator gives a detailed step-by-step set of instructions on how to draw an alien. ...Read More »
How To Draw Spider Man By DMO Affiliate Spider Man is a beloved comic book superhero. Graphic designer Declan Talbert leads aspiring artists through an exciting yet simplified way to draw Spider Man. This five-minute technique will let you capture the essence of the classic superhero. ...Read More »
How To Create A Collage In Photoshop By DMO Affiliate This Photoshop tutorial has a graphic designer describing to viewers the easy way to use shortcuts on the keyboard to maneuver the Photoshop tools. It's really not so hard, if you listen to Tom as he guides you step by step, arranging images from your ima ...Read More »
How To Draw A Peacock By DMO Affiliate A peacock is one of the most beautiful birds. Learn how to sketch this nature's beauty with this step-by-step tutorial from an experienced graphic designer. ...Read More »
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