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Essential Final Cut Pro: Plug-Ins and Apps Part 2 By Heath McKnight It's time for part 2 of my look at plug-ins and software for Final Cut Pro 6.x (FCP). Last time, I pointed out some great plug-ins and software apps that I use every day. It's time to take a look at a few more 3rd party plug-ins and software apps for the FCP. ...Read More »
ToonIt! for Adobe Photoshop By Kevin McAuliffe I have to say that I was disappointed when I heard that Digital Anarchy was getting out of the After Effects plug-in market, and focusing entirely on Photoshop, as I always really liked its plug-ins. When the opportunity came up for me to take a look at ToonIt! for Adobe Photoshop, I jumped at the chance, as I liked the After Effects version when I looked at it. Let's see how the Photoshop version stacks up. ...Read More »
Keylight and Furnace 4 for FXPlug By Kevin McAuliffe For a while now, it seems that compositors, other than those of us using Motion, have been spoiled. We have had access to one of the best (if not THE best) keying plug-ins available in Keylight (ships with all versions of Adobe's After Effects), and users of higher end compositing applications like Shake and Nuke have had Furnace at their finger tips. ...Read More »
Tips to Slim Down (your project) in 2009 By Ko Maruyama It's time for those New Years resolutions to start piling up. You know the ones: I'm going to eat healthy food. I won't slouch at my desk. I'll spend less time on Facebook, Twitter and (insert your own). . . I'M GOING TO SLIM DOWN. Well how about some slimming tips you might actually stick to? Here are some ways to slim down your animation projects in 2009. Or even just your TIMELINE! ...Read More »
Toon Boom Storyboard Pro By Ko Maruyama Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro allows you to easily create a paperless storyboard - and even animate it if you want. There are a bunch of little tricks that you can easily pull off in Storyboard Pro, and there are several ways to export your boards when you're done. But what about when you want to IMPORT something to your panels? Here are a couple of easy Quick Tips ...Read More »
Answer to Gears By Ko Maruyama I got a few questions about how the shape layers work, why the boolean operation does what it does in the shape layer, and specifically how to make the hole in the middle of the gear. Well, I got enough email questions about it that I figured it was worth a tutorial explanation. So here it is. ...Read More »
Wacom's Cintiq 21UX By Ko Maruyama Not that long ago, animators sketched their creations on paper and then ran to the copy machine to scale things up or down. Fixes, revisions, or creating alternate versions were time-consuming chores. Big mistakes meant starting over completely. Starting over meant more paper - with Cintiq, animators and producers can work interactively and quickly. ...Read More »
After Effects: War of Gears By Ko Maruyama When you're creating gears, or when you're creating any vector shape, you can create the shape in illustrator or another vector illustration software, then bring it into Adobe's After Effects, but by creating those shapes in the application, you get the more options to edit that shape later. ...Read More »
Using Add TransferMode in FinalCut By Ko Maruyama Joel Holland has offered up some free footage in both High Def and Standard Def formats - so why not use them? But if you don't know how to composite in Apple's Final Cut Pro, don't worry that these free graphic elements don't come with alpha channels, you can use transfer modes to drop out the darkest parts of the movie without keying. ...Read More »
Macworld Digital Art Gallery starts now By Ko Maruyama Digital artists of all backgrounds are invited to submit original works of art that have been created or enhanced using Mac hardware or software tools. Submitted works will be considered for the opportunity to be selected as one of 30 final images that will be displayed to thousands of Macworld attendees. ...Read More »
Final Cut Pro 6 Level 3: Ripple and Rolling edits By Jerry Leer In this training video, host Jerry Leer covers ripple and rolling edits. He setys up FCP for Ripple editing and describes what a ripple edit is and what it does to your timeline. He also covers what a rolling edit is as well and gives detailed explanation on how to perform a ripple and rolling edit. ...Read More »
DVShade Easylooks 2.0.1 By Kevin McAuliffe Easylooks 2.0.1 (EL) was created using FX Factory Pro's architecture, so you will need to download FX Factory Pro, which is totally free from the Noise Industries website. Once you have downloaded EL, simply double click on the .fxpack icon, and it will automatically load into FX Factory Pro. Since you are now ready to start color grading, let's jump into FCP, and see what we have to work with. ...Read More »
Flash Games with Design By Ko Maruyama There are plenty of games that you can play through simple browsers. Some of them are created with beautiful illustrations and artistry that takes advantage of the small file sizes for these games. This month, I took a look at the sequel game: Daymare Town 2. The simple puzzles (although sometimes tricky) are packaged with the great looking rough drawings. ...Read More »
BORIS FX Glitter By Ko Maruyama If you've been using Avid, Final Cut, or After Effects for any amount of time, you probably know the Boris FX filters, but in the event that you've missed them, Boris wants you to check out their glittery offering from the Continuum Complete set. In other news, Boris now offers sparks for Autodesk products. The glittery plugin is great, but you might notice a couple of gotchas. This might help. ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH 2008: Motion Graphics By Ko Maruyama It's been several weeks since Siggraph happened, but I've been waiting for a few emails to come back in from some of the participants. Siggraph - as you might know - is all about Special Interest Groups for Graphics. But it was the first time that I saw a generic motion graphics user group meeting. It wasn't software specific, or method specific. It was just a place for people to get together from all over the country. ...Read More »
Digital Concepts Group CEO DJ Hauck talks Face Pro By David Basulto All the rage at this year's SIGGRAPH was facial imaging. Capture a person's face, put it on a double, movie is done. Just take a look at the motorcycle chase in the new Indiana Jones movie. You didn't think that was actually Harrison Ford did you? ...Read More »
Yanobox Motype 1.0 for OS X Leopard By Kevin McAuliffe When doing my research for my review of FX Factory Pro from Noise Industries, I found out something very interesting. Noise Industries made FX Factory Pro "open" so that other companies could write plug-ins based on its engine. At the time I thought it was a cool idea, but would we really see companies other than Core Melt doing this? Well I'm happy to say that answer is a big "Yes"! ...Read More »
Do it yourself Color Grading By Mike Jones Color Grading is too often regarded as an arcane, exclusive science not fit for mere mortals. But the digital age is slowly starting to reshape this mentality and allow for a clearer perspective through the haze of hyperbole. Which is a good thing because the tools for getting great color grading results have never been better, cheaper or more accessible. ...Read More »
Fluid Mask 3, Noiseware Pro, Portraiture and RealGrain bundle by Vertus and Imagenomic By Robert Jensen Let the powers of the magic crystal open the veil into the Mists of Time. . . I see something. Yes! I see someone with a camera, they're, they're taking pictures. Pictures they copy to their computer to spruce them up with Adobe Photoshop Elements or is that Photoshop CS2? No that was before, now you're using CS3. ...Read More »
How to add background music to a PowerPoint presentation By WIKI At present, a large number of people want to put continuous music on slideshow, while some have problems on adding music to PowerPoint. ...Read More »
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