Daring to Be Digital: The U.K.s Biggest Student Game Design Competition By Stu Horvath DIG looks at the Dare to be Digital student game design competition held by the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland. ...Read More »
Gravity Kills: Rick Raymo of Saber Interactive Talks Inversion By Arti Gupta Arti Gupta talks to Rick Raymo, Saber Interactive`s director of game content, about developing the new gravity mechanics in their upcoming game, Inversion. ...Read More »
Did the PRSA Miss the Real Issues in the News Corp Crisis By Miles Weston Weak PR efforts are weak PR efforts even when done in the name of the industry ...Read More »
Thought Leaders: Bonnie Nardi By Stu Horvath What`s next for digital art and development? DIG talks to Bonnie Nardi, a cultural anthropologist and industry thought leader, to get her vision for the future. ...Read More »
The Way of the Samurai: Chatting With James Russell of The Creative Assembly By Arti Gupta Arti Gupta talks to James Russell -- lead designer of the Total War series of games -- about Shogun 2, fluid development and the process of refining an engine instead of rewriting it. ...Read More »
River Runs Red: Codemasters' Tim Browne By Arti Gupta Arti Gupta chats with Codemasters` principal game designer, Tim Browne, about Operation Flashpoint: Red River. ...Read More »
Could PC Gaming Be Critical to Our Nation`s Future? Part 1 By Matt Ployhar PC gaming is bigger and more important than anyone realizes. Just take a look at the economic impact of video games and how the gaming technology and Hollywood special-effects nexus has spurred innovation in dozens of other sectors. ...Read More »
Thought Leaders: Steve Pitzel By Stu Horvath What`s next for digital art and game development? DIG talks to industry leader and tech evangelist Steve Pitzel to get his vision for the future. ...Read More »
Could PC Gaming Be Critical to Our Nations Future? Part 1 By Matt Ployhar PC gaming is bigger and more important than anyone realizes. Just take a look at the economic impact of video games and how the gaming technology and Hollywood special-effects nexus has spurred innovation in dozens of other sectors. ...Read More »
The Guild Master: Ross Borden of NCsoft By Arti Gupta Arti Gupta talks to Ross Borden of NCsoft about City of Heroes, Guild Wars 2, and innovating in the world of massively multiplayer online games. ...Read More »
Thought Leaders: Eleanor Wynn By Stu Horvath What`s next for digital art and development? DIG talks to industry leader Eleanor Wynn, an anthropologist of computing, to get her vision for the future of game development. ...Read More »
War Production: Chatting With Frank Pearce of Blizzard By Arti Gupta At GDC last month, Arti Gupta chatted with Blizzard Entertainment`s Frank Pearce about the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, as well as integrating mobile phone applications to support the exp ...Read More »
GDC 2011: Sneak Peek of Battlefield 3 By Stu Horvath Buildings collapse, helicopters explode, jets scream overhead and machine-gun fire echoes down dusty alleyways. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a San Francisco nightclub on the second night of GDC 2011, a group of us is watching the first substantial gam ...Read More »
GDC Live Blog: Succeeding at Failure By Stu Horvath GDC 2011 has many lessons, from how to harness the latest technologies to finding solutions for difficult game design problems. The dev panel at Wednesday's Failure Workshop talked about their biggest failures and what they learned. ...Read More »
Using Artificial Intelligence in Game Development By Arti Gupta Kevin Dill is the latest developer in a series of interviews I've done with the authors of Game Programming Gems, 8th edition. He wrote a chapter on patterned approaches to modular artificial intelligence (AI) games. These are som ...Read More »
Statistics that have DAM Meaning By Matthew Gonnering We probably have baseball and The Sporting News to thank for the proliferation of statistics in all sports. Yet, Mark Twain once said there are lies, damned lies and statistics. Of course, he was speaking about to the persuasive power of numbers and about how people will either promote or ignore statistics based entirely on whether or not they support a position. This “truth” is the reason many baseball arguments have never been settled. ...Read More »
Sideloading Comes of Age By Philip John, CEO Clippz.com The iPhone came, it saw, and it conquered a huge chunk of the American media bandwidth for several weeks. One prominent consumer technology magazine even called it the Jesus phone, and likened its debut to such discoveries as fire and the wheel (of course, with requisite sarcasm). When it comes to technology product introductions, no one does it with more bombast, seduction and production values than does Apple. ...Read More »
Five things to hate and love about Apples iPhone By Matthew David Unless you have been living under a rock, you cannot have failed to notice the multi-million dollar marketing blitz Apple and AT&T are conducting about the iPhone. If you read the reports and the blogs on the Internet it is hard to know if people love the iPhone or if they hate. With that in mind, we have put together a list of the five things to hate about the iPhone and five things to love. ...Read More »
Going HD or How I spent my winter. By David Basulto As I prepared to make my second feature film, Fiesta Grand, I knew I wanted to step up the look and feel of the film. This film (or movie I should say as I no longer use film!) was a follow up to my horror feature, Death Clique, which I made for next to nothing on my Panasonic DVX100a and received a distribution deal to Blockbuster. My insiders suggested I make the next film in High Definition even though the distributors hadnt asked for it. "Why", I asked... ...Read More »
Apple iPhone Reaction By Stephen Schleicher Today, Apple Inc. unleashed the iPhone on the world. Consumer Electronics Nets Stephen Schleicher takes a look and offers his gut reaction to the announcement. ...Read More »
Embracing New Venues By Stephen Schleicher In the early days of YouTube, NBC would routinely contact the streaming media website to have it take down excerpts from Saturday Night Live fans of the shared video service would post. Until they realized people started watching the live show again. NBC jumped on this new free marketing strategy as are many other traditional broadcasters. ...Read More »
When Marketing People Go Amok By Esther Schindler Honest, we understand. It's a marketing person's job to make a presentation sound exciting and relevant as well as informational. But the TechEd presentation titles are, quite literally, beyond audience comprehension. ...Read More »
Do You Volunteer? By Gary Kayye, CTS Do you volunteer? If you dont, you should. One of my first weeks in this industry back in 1987 was attending InfoComms (then known as ICIA) Institute for Professional Development and a class led by Mike Weems. It was on video production techniques and was simply awesome. The very next year, I attended a class taught by 6+ year industry veteran Fred Dixon on AV systems design. The instruction blew me away. It was far and in away better than most courses I ever took in college, and certainly more helpful in my new -real-world life. ...Read More »
Transitional TV Growing Pains By Guy Wright Anyone in the broadcast industry knows that we are in the middle of a transition. More precisely, we are in the middle of multiple transitions from analog broadcasts to digital, from standard definition to high definition, and from standard 4:3 aspect ratios to 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios. ...Read More »
Snubbing Social Networking By Esther Schindler All these networking sites assume that a friend is the same as an acquaintence. It's not the case in real life, so why assume that status online? ...Read More »
Way Too Hard = Way Too Bad By Gary Kayye, CTS A recent study by a major university on the Netherlands found that product complexity actually caused over 50 percent of product returns. Graduate student Elke den Ouden of the Technical University of Eindhoven studied people who purchased consumer electronics products and how they tried (and in many cases failed) to use them, successfully. In virtually all cases where a consumer tried and failed to figure out how to use a product and then gave up, the product itself was actually in good working order. There was no product failure. ...Read More »
A Column for AV Guys: The Guillotine By Gary Kayye, CTS I was sooo excited while watching the Super Bowl coverage earlier this month to see that someone finally, FINALLY, crossed the 4-blade razor blade barrier. The long-overdue 5-blade system has finally made its debut. The oh-hum [insert yawn here] market of the 3-blade and 4-blade systems that has dominated the shaving market with has-been gear like Gillettes Mach3Turbo and the Schick Quattro has finally been shaken up with the 5-blade Gillette Fusion. I ran out and bought one the very next day. ...Read More »
KNews Insider: The Final Sayye with Gary Kayye By Gary Kayye, CTS Ive had the October 14, 2005 issue of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on my desk since the day it came out. Ive been meaning to write this story for a long time, but just didnt have the time or opportunity. But, now its time.In the Marketplace section of the WSJ on that day had an article entitled The Laptop Backlash, well-written by Gary McWilliams. Well, you know what I think? Boo-fricking-hoo. ...Read More »
Don't Be Scared Of Sky By Alexander Cameron Wherever you go and whomever you talk to in any of the media, telecoms and television industries, people are absolutely terrified of Sky. Not just scared, absolutely terrified. Not that theyd ever admit it, of course. The fear of Murdoch extends further than youd think was possible for an old man, and no company inspires wobbling and trembling in both start-ups, SMEs and venture capitalists alike like Sky does. They are one of the only two companies that the incumbent colossus, BT, fears the other being Microsoft. ...Read More »
Kayye's Krystal Ball - v.06 By Gary Kayye, CTS Welcome to my seventh annual Krystal Ball feature article about predictions for the upcoming year for Professional AV, and even some Home AV technology, trends and products. If youre a regular reader of this column, then you know that each year I actually start by reviewing my predictions from last years column ...Read More »
Addressing the Overlay Graphics Proliferation Problem By Guy Wright In this digital age of content re-purposing, affiliate programs, cross promotions, and multiple deployment options screen real estate is becoming more and more precious - and more and more people are trying to stake their claims. ...Read More »
The Gods and Goats of 2005 By Charlie White We've reached the end of another tumultuous year in the world of technology, and it's time to take stock, assessing which products, companies, services or concepts were the Gods and which were the Goats of 2005. So here they are, the ones worth remembering and those which would be best forgotten from the past year. ...Read More »
Service Contracts are Easy to Sell: Sell Job Security By Gary Kayye, CTS If youre a regular reader of my columns, you know that our firm works with dealers, on occasion, to help them become more profitable. In some cases, its a box company wanting to learn how to sell systems. In some cases, its a systems integrator trying to sell design/build contracts. In some cases, its a design/build firm trying to get better cost accounting on jobs. But, in almost all cases, they are all equally frustrated at the level of success they have selling their most profitable product: service contracts. ...Read More »
Annual rAVe CEDIA Awards By Gary Kayye, CTS Gary Kayye is a big fan of the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) show, and attends it every year. Here are his picks for the best of the best from this year's exhibition. ...Read More »
Product Activation and the World of Tomorrow By Kevin Schmitt Now that us lowly users have been unwillingly pushed down the slippery slope that is product activation, this particular article is equivalent to the proverbial closing of the barn doors after the horse has escaped. Actually, it's more like picking up the door and leaning it on the charred ruins of the barn after it burned down years ago, what with the horse having run out to flee the fire, but I digress. Since activation refuses to just go away entirely, I still (naively) think that there's a balance that can be struck between legitimate users and software publishers. ...Read More »
LCD or DLP Projection? Decisions, Decisions By Gary Kayye, CTS Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines projector engines, that is. Since 1998, Texas Instruments' DLP division has out-marketed, out-maneuvered, out-published and, according to many sales figures, even out-sold LCD in virtually of the leading projector vertical market segments. I say "virtually" because there are some markets in which DLP hasn't been playing but when it does, it generally wins. ...Read More »
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