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How to shoot your own funny pet videos By DMO Affiliate Rumor has it that people spend hours watching pet videos online. (Not that we've ever done such a thing.) Digital filmmaker and YouTube sensation Joe Penna, known online as MysteryGuitarMan, shares tips for how to make funny pet videos in HD. Cute, funny & high definition? Bring on more flying kitties, skateboarding bulldogs and dachshunds in hot dog costumes! ...Read More »
Why buy a LED TV By DMO Affiliate Are you in the market for a new HDTV? Technology Guru, Veronica Belmont, describes and demos her favorite features of the latest HDTV's that are sure to entertain you and your family for years to come! ...Read More »
Differences Between Google TV 2.0 and Internet Connected TVs By DMO Affiliate Technology Guru, Veronica Belmont, shares the latest in TV technology - an HDTV powered by a Google. She explains and demonstrates the benefits of this innovative entertainment platform. ...Read More »
The Wolverine: Bringing Silver Samurai to Life By DMO Affiliate Check out this exclusive behind the scenes clip from the Wolverine Blu-ray, out December 3rd. ...Read More »
The Wolverine - Tao Okamoto Interview By DMO Affiliate The Wolverine: Unleashed Extended Edition on Blu-ray is out now in Australia and the UK and will release in the States Dec 3. ...Read More »
The Wolverine - Rila Fukushima Interview By DMO Affiliate The Wolverine: Unleashed Extended Edition on Blu-ray is out now in Australia and the UK and will release in the States Dec 3. ...Read More »
Video: Best Buy Has 'pretty Much Run Out' Of Sony PS4: Retailer's CEO By Clip Syndicate Best Buy has "pretty much run out" of the new PlayStation 4 gaming console, the retailer's chief executive said on Thursday. Sony new PlayStation 4 console sold 1 million units in the first 24 hours after its November 15 release in the United States and Canada. "We will get new inventory next week," Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly said in an interview ahead of the holiday season. "It's a great launch, there is no doubt about that." ...Read More »
2 Guns - Bill Paxton is a Badass By DMO Affiliate As evidenced by this special feature showcasing his work in 2 Guns. The Blu-ray arrives 11/19. ...Read More »
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Blowing Up the USS Enterprise 101 By DMO Affiliate In this clip from the Star Trek The Next Generation Season 5 Blu-ray, the science of destroying the Enterprise is discussed! ...Read More »
Man of Steel: Journey of Discovery - Creating Man of Steel Blu-ray Clip By DMO Affiliate Superman himself, Henry Cavill, explains how Zack Snyder's bombastic visual effects helps the audience believe a man can fly in this Man of Steel Blu-ray clip, out December 2nd. ...Read More »
The Wolverine Deleted Scene Revealed Classic Comics Costume By DMO Affiliate A new multi-touch eBook for the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Wolverine has revealed a deleted scene from the finale of the film where Logan is given his iconic brown and orange mask and costume from the comics. ...Read More »
Unboxing Batman: Arkham Origins Collector's Edition By DMO Affiliate The Dark Knight's ultimate collection rolls in, so we tear it apart for your enjoyment. A statue, a Blu-ray, and more! ...Read More »
Man of Steel Blu-ray - Kryptonian Costumes Featurette By DMO Affiliate Watch this exclusive video on Superman's uniform and its otherworldly roots. ...Read More »
RedRay 4K Cinema Player Video By DMO Affiliate RED, the makers of the high end digital camera manufacturers that have been taking the film world by storm over the past several years have announced a media device capable of actually taking advantage of the absurd 4K resolution that their cameras provide. For those unfamiliar, 4K resolution is equivalent four 1080p displays. 4K capable TV's and Projectors have slowly made their way to market, but unfortunately for those early adopters, there aren't many ways to actually get content onto that TV, seeing as Blu-Ray only supports a maximum resolution of 1080p anyway. This is where the RedRay Cinema Player comes in, providing super-hi def content to your TV. The device supports USB, has an SD card for getting content on there, and packs a solid 1 TeraByte hard drive inside to store all that video. ...Read More »
Designing Monsters University By DMO Affiliate Discover how the campus came to life in this exclusive clip. MU is coming to Blu-ray October 29th. ...Read More »
How to choose the best sports HD TV for you By DMO Affiliate Are you all about watching sports games on the biggest and best TV possible? If so, check out the top features to look for in an HDTV from fellow sports enthusiast and tech journalist, Anthony Carboni, before the next game! ...Read More »
4K TV: Ultra HD Resolution By DMO Affiliate Home television now has an added resolution. It¯¯¯s called 4K or Ultra-HD! Join home electronics specialist Bob Lawton as he describes how four times the resolution of a regular HDTV impacts your viewing experience. ...Read More »
Sony's 84-Inch HDTV to Cost $25K By DMO Affiliate All of which is cheap by comparison to rival Samsung¯¯¯s 85-inch set, which retails for as much as $40K. ...Read More »
Toshiba disappoints with little to show us aside from its Ultra HDTV By DMO Affiliate Toshiba's CES 2013 booth lack both the pageantry and products we've come to expect at the largest electronics show in the United States.http://www.digitaltrends.com/ces-videos/toshiba-disappoints-with-little-to-show-us-aside-from-its-ultra-hdtv/ ...Read More »
Jingle Cats meow in Blu-ray By DMO Affiliate The world famous Jingle Cats are back and clearer than ever for the holidays in Blu-ray, meowing Christmas favorite "Silent Night" in high definition. Roselle Chen reports. ...Read More »
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