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Thor: The Dark World - Extended Celebration Scene By DMO Affiliate In this extended scene from the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray, Volstagg regales his fellow Asgardians with a tale of daring and bravery! (That's mostly true...) ...Read More »
Microsoft Dismisses Rumor Of Discless $399 Xbox One, But Should It Exist? By DMO Affiliate Microsoft is still feeling the heat from being the priciest next-gen console in the field at $500. While the system has sold incredibly well, it's still lagged behind the PS4, and the price gap is a huge factor. While Kinect is often cited as a big reason, or really the only reason, for the price disparity, there have been rumors saying that Microsoft may indeed release a $399 Xbox One in time for next year¯¯¯s holiday season. The interesting part is that it isn¯¯¯t the Kinect being shed to cut the price, it¯¯¯s the console¯¯¯s Blu-ray drive, meaning the device would be download-only. The new console would also have a 1TB hard drive and a bluetooth adapter. ...Read More »
Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray - Blooper Reel By DMO Affiliate Watch these silly outtakes from the filming of the Marvel sequel. ...Read More »
Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray - "Tom Hiddleston Auditions For Thor" Bonus Feature By DMO Affiliate The Loki actor originally screen-tested for the role of Marvel's god of thunder. Check it out. ...Read More »
Jungle Book: Diamond Edition Blu-ray - "Elephants Marching" Clip By DMO Affiliate Mowgli encounters elephants in this musical scene from the '67 animated classic. ...Read More »
Jungle Book: Diamond Edition Blu-ray - "Cruising Down the River" Clip By DMO Affiliate Mowgli and Baloo the Bear look for the "Bare Necessities" in this clip from the 1967 Disney animated classic. ...Read More »
Bad Grandpa: When Bikers Attack By DMO Affiliate This special feature from the unrated Blu-ray looks at Bad Grandpa's potentially volatile biker scene, and how they pulled it off. ...Read More »
Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray - "Loki: The First Avenger" Bonus Feature By DMO Affiliate Watch Tom Hiddleston cosplay as Captain America in this scene from the Thor sequel. ...Read More »
Battle of the Damned - Dolph Lundgren vs. Killer Robots vs. Zombies By DMO Affiliate Yep, you read that right. Watch the mayhem in this exclusive clip from Battle of the Damned, coming to Blu-ray February 18th. ...Read More »
Vikingdom: Norse Beatdown By DMO Affiliate Check out this brutal brawl from the film starring Dominic Purcell, now on Blu-ray. Vikings know MMA! ...Read More »
Beyond the Cable By Aaron Taylor The move to 4K is opening up new opportunities for seasoned professional and indie videographers. The UHD TV sets will also change the content landscape. That's why CES (Consumer Electronics Show) visitors saw a dizzying array of 4K UHD smart TVs this year. ...Read More »
All Hail The King - Opening Scene By DMO Affiliate Sir Ben Kingsley's Trevor Slattery returns in this Mandarin-centric Marvel One-Shot on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray. ...Read More »
See Baby Machete in a Blu-ray Deleted Scene By DMO Affiliate He's a baby in a test tube with a moustache. Check out this amazing scene from the upcoming Blu-ray, due January 21st. ...Read More »
A Look Through Sony's Head Mounted Display - CES 2014 By DMO Affiliate We try on Sony's new wearable HDTV, which can connect with your phones and consoles. ...Read More »
CES 2014: Sony Unveils Consumer 4K Camcorder By DMO Affiliate Sony is betting big on 4K, the new technology that promises four times the resolution of full HD video. At the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony is unveiling its first consumer 4K camcorder, a Handycam selling for $1,999. The camera "puts 4K video acquisition right in the palm of your hand." Sony also introduced eight new camcorders, with prices starting at $229, with all models having built-in Wi-Fi to share video online. ...Read More »
Elysium Gets Down and Dirty... By DMO Affiliate In a Mexican landfill. This special feature from the Blu-ray (due out December 17th) digs into the gritty location. ...Read More »
Elysium: Creating the Droids By DMO Affiliate This Blu-ray special feature explores how the robots of Elysium were built. ...Read More »
Man of Tai Chi: "Fight or You're Fired" By DMO Affiliate Keanu Reeves is a horrible boss in this clip from the Man of Tai Chi Blu-ray, out now. ...Read More »
Can You Believe It's Been 17 Years Since Matilda Hit Theaters? By DMO Affiliate Can you believe it was 17 years ago that Matilda, starring Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, and a then-10-year-old Mara Wilson hit the big screen? In honor of the film's recent release on Blu-ray, we chatted with Mara, who told us about her reunion with Danny and Rhea all these years later. Find out what Mara's been up to and why she thinks Matilda speaks to so many fans, both old and young! On Allie: Joe Fresh top ...Read More »
How to buy an HDTV By DMO Affiliate When it comes to high definition televisions, size isn't everything. Technology expert Veronica Belmont discusses important considerations like viewing distance, room lighting, energy efficiency, resolution, frame rate and content. Are you a movie buff or a gamer? Whatever your answer, Veronica will help you choose the right HDTV. ...Read More »
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