Boston Dynamics' newest robot might give you nightmares By IDG.TV SpotMini is a smaller version of the Spot robot that can walk around your house, serve you a drink, and put away the dishes. ...Read More »
HP Spectre 13.3 review: This ultrabook boasts a sleek look and great performance By IDG.TV The Spectre 13.3 accomplishes HPs goal of making the thinnest laptop possible without (major) compromises. ...Read More »
Blackmagic Pocket Camera Captures the Cinematic Moments of Heartland Heading into its 10th season, Heartland is one of Canada's most popular television series and is known for its cinematic atmosphere and backdrops. Heartland director of photography Craig Wrobleski, csc explained the production framework for the stylistic series: "We do block shoots, shooting two episodes at a time. Each block is 15 days and we are generally out for 10 of the 15 days." Each episode is shot as a mini movie, with each block having a different set of requirements. Craig explained, "Because we shoot each block as a mini movie, we really have to approach each one individually, and the camera equipment is a big part of that equation as we like to keep the camera moving and just shoot the scenes in a more cinematic way." ...Read More »
Review: The Starry Station Wi-Fi router -- a simple solution By IDG.TV The stylish new Starry Station Wi-Fi router is so simple to use that your friends and relatives may no longer need to call you for help. ...Read More »
Pain Inflicting Robot Sparks AI Debate By IDG.TV Roboticist and artist, Alexander Reben, says he created the first robot build for the sole purpose of inflicting pain on people, all to get them talking about artificial intelligence. ...Read More »
The Full Nerd Episode 3: Will Smith, VR and a $500 gaming PC By IDG.TV This week on the Full Nerd, we go do a deep dive with one Will Smith and how he's creating a VR talk show and talk about a $500 eSports PC build. ...Read More »
These smart shoes are your new navigation system By IDG.TV easyJet is developing "Sneakairs," shoes that pair with your smartphone, to make city navigation easier for tourists. ...Read More »
PCWorld Show Episode 9: Apple's PC diss, Intel's tick-tock retirement, Microsoft's creepy AI By IDG.TV Gordon, Melissa, and Jon discuss the topics that got PCWorld fired up this week (and two of them just couldn't resist trolling Apple). ...Read More »
Galaxy S7 features Apple should steal from Samsung By IDG.TV We'll admit it: the Galaxy S7 is an impressive smartphone. Here are our favorite features. ...Read More »
PCWorld Show Episode 6 By IDG.TV This week Jon, Flo and Gordon talk flagship phones, HoloLens and 8TB hard drives. ...Read More »
Interview: Bill Macaitis, CMO, Slack By IDG.TV IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of Marketing across industries from leading business executives. Bill Macaitis, Slacks CMO speaks to Josh London, CMO of IDG and shares his insights on amplifying culture with empathy, the art and science of marketing and the CMO + CEO relationship, among other topics. ...Read More »
2016 Chevy Volt Review: With 53 miles of EV range, it's the plug-in hybrid to beat By IDG.TV With the Volt's long EV range, you could drive and charge and drive and charge for weeks without needing more gas. That might help even mainstream drivers forgive the car's design issues. ...Read More »
Your Amazon Echo now supports Capital One banking with voice controls By IDG.TV It's a cool feature, Amazon, but do we really want everyone in the living room to hear our account balances? ...Read More »
The Kube is a cooler, a speaker, $3000, and perfect for your yacht By IDG.TV We chilled with the most ridiculous cooler slash party-rocker ever at SXSW. ...Read More »
Sphero BB-8 racing is the cutest competition at SXSW By IDG.TV Everyone loves BB-8, the adorable astromech droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At SXSW 2016, we raced tiny Sphero BB-8s that have just as much personality. ...Read More »
Mingis on Tech: For tech leaders, 'disruption' is the word of the day By IDG.TV Executive Editor Ken Mingis talks with Computerworld's Ellen Fanning and Tracy Mayor about this year's Premier 100 technology leaders and the struggles they face crafting success from chaos. ...Read More »
Mingis on Tech: New tech promises to blow past storage walls By IDG.TV Executive Editor Ken Mingis talks with Senior Reporter Lucas Mearian about the technology data storage manufacturers are using to enable new capacities for both hard drives and SSDs. ...Read More »
Is a cyber-liability insurance policy in your company's future? By IDG.TV At the 2016 RSA Conference, CSO's Steve Ragan chats with Chris Wyospal, co-founder and CTO of Veracode, about the importance of liability insurance for companies that may be affected by data breaches. ...Read More »
Samsung Galaxy S7 and GS7 Edge Review By IDG.TV Samsung's latest flagship devices are impressive, but are only worth the upgrade if you don't have last year's devices. ...Read More »
Can I use my iPhone to shoot a print magazine? By IDG.TV The iPhone camera is certainly good enough for Instagram, but is it good enough for a magazine? Photographers at Bon Appétit found out the hard way. ...Read More »
Behavioral biometrics and the future of the password By IDG.TV At the 2016 RSA Conference in San Francisco, CSO chats with SecureAuth about their behavioral biometrics technology, which allows or prevents access depending on a person's keystroke and mousing techniques. Could this method replace or improve on password authentication? ...Read More »
Network hacking methods and prevention tips By IDG.TV At the 2016 RSA Conference, CSO's Steve Ragan chats with Fengmin Gong, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Cyphort, about the latest ways that cybercriminals are attacking networks. In addition, he presents some ways on how IT can prevent (or slow down) the attacks. ...Read More »
How Excel logical functions can do the number-crunching work for you By IDG.TV When you have a big, ugly spreadsheet, logical formulas can help you make sense of it all by looking for results or patterns that you specify. We show you how to set up a simple one. ...Read More »
A monkey controls a wheelchair with its brain By IDG.TV Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina have managed to detect the thoughts of a monkey via Hair-thin microfilaments in two regions of the monkeys brain. ...Read More »
Toshiba Z20t-C2112 review: Lots of battery life, but it doesn't come cheap By IDG.TV Two batteries make this tablet-laptop hybrid an excellent companion for business travel...if your IT department can afford it. ...Read More »
Top Etiquette Rules for Video Conferencing By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly What you need to know when the camera is on. ...Read More »
Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Your Business By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly From business to entertainment, VR is now a huge asset for businesses. ...Read More »
This solar plane is crossing the Atlantic using only renewable energy By IDG.TV Solar Impulse 2 is onto the 15th leg of its journey, flying from New York to Spain, as it attempts to circumnavigate the globe without using a single drop of fuel. ...Read More »
This robot intentionally hurt me and I didn't know how to feel By IDG.TV I tested out the First Law robot, which was build with the sole purpose of injuring its user. It's meant to start a serious discussion about AI. ...Read More »
Clip Studio Paint By Ko Maruyama Smith Micro Software announced a new release of Manga Studio®, which now includes frame-by-frame animation features and a rebrand to Clip Studio Paint®. ...Read More »
Beholder Gimbal By Ko Maruyama ikan has looked at the most common cameras that photographers use and given us the Beholder Gimbal. The gimbal stabilizes the movement of your arms against the weight of your DSLR or mirrorless camera when you're shooting video. Not all cameras bodies and lenses have the same weight, so ikan has created a grid for photographers to create their own custom rig. Depending on what you shoot with, some lenses may not offer a perfect balance. The rig is small enough to take with you everywhere you want to shoot video with your DSLR. ...Read More »
Why iMessage in iOS 10 is too much and yet not enough By IDG.TV Bigger emoji, stickers, and cute effects do not make for a super-useful messaging experience. ...Read More »
Microsoft Booth Tour 2016 By IDG.TV Trisha takes us inside Microsoft's booth at E3 2016, where games like We Happy Few, Recore 2, and Sea of Thieves were all the rage. ...Read More »
Indiecade 2016 at E3 By IDG.TV Trisha Hershberger gets to test out the hottest new indie games around like Obduction and Octobo. ...Read More »
Live Streaming Exorcisms Damien LeVeck knows that in Hollywood, there are two main ways to make a feature film. You can either have a great idea, sell it to a studio and risk it turning into a completely different film, or you can have a great idea, raise the money yourself, hire your own actors and crew and make your vision into a reality. When Damien decided to direct "The Cleansing Hour," a fresh spin on the exorcism genre, he knew he had to take the latter route. Six months later and more than $30,000 raised, Damien has now locked picture on the proof-of-concept short film. ...Read More »
Nokia wants to hide the gadgetry in health IT By IDG.TV With its $191 million acquisition of French health IT company Withings, Nokia says it wants to take the digital health focus away from gadgets and focus on what the data means. ...Read More »
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