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Sweet Sadie Helps Disney Theatrical Productions Commemorate "The Lion King's" 15th Anniversary A call was heard in New York that echoed around the world" was the emotional theme of a video produced by Sweet Sadie, Inc. for Disney Theatrical Productions commemorating the 15th anniversary of "The Lion King's" debut on Broadway. Disney provided the studio with a massive trove of stills and videos tracing the far-flung 15-year history of the show from which to draw. Employing After Effects, the Sweet Sadie team set about to bring this material to life by animating cast and crew images against new backgrounds, such as show set photography and crowd scenes complete with flash bulbs popping. 2.5D techniques were used to "cut out" foregrounds from backgrounds to stunning effect. ...Read More »
The Art of the Trailer: Two Years in 30 Seconds The trailer plays a major role in the marketing and ultimate success of a feature motion picture. This on-screen advertisement is so engrained in popular culture that most of the time it is taken for granted by movie goers. But industry marketing veterans know the trailer is the first and last chance to create a lasting impression on an audience. Most trailers range in length between 30 seconds and two minutes. It's within that short time span that the viewer will pick up on hundreds of cues about the movie. In the blink of an eye he will determine the genre, the gist of the story, the aesthetic and level of production. By the end of the trailer the viewer might well determine the fate of the movie. Is it a must-see or to-be-avoided? ...Read More »
DaVinci Resolve Provides Color Correction for Short Horror Film 'Dead Man's Lake' When colorist Patrick Inhofer was first contacted by the filmmakers for the short film horror anthology website BloodyCuts.co.uk, he knew right away that he wanted to be involved. The Bloody Cuts team shares a love and passion for horror films and has presented the anthology online as a free web series. As an accomplished colorist, and the founder of the website Tao of Color Grading.com, Patrick realized that he could put his professional skills to work, both by grading their films and by using them to teach aspiring colorists how to grade using the latest developments in color correction. ...Read More »
DaVinci Resolve 'Elementary' in Color Grading Hit CBS Crime Solving Television Show While it may take Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson just 60 minutes to crack a case on an episode of the hit CBS television show "Elementary," Tony D'Amore can do it in less. As the Senior Colorist at LA based post house Encore and lead colorist for the wildly popular series, Tony is responsible for color correction and grading the weekly show, and he relies on DaVinci Resolve color correction software. ...Read More »
It's Hell on Wheels at FuseFX The second season of Hell on Wheels continued its epic story of post-Civil War America, focusing on Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate soldier, and his dramatic journey west as he struggles to leave his past behind. The building of the transcontinental railroad serves as the backdrop to the entire series. The scope and challenges of the expanding railroad were critical to the storytelling and couldn't be achieved without the resourceful use of visual effects provided by FuseFX. At the center of the traveling town are the trains. Production built full scale replicas of the period trains and laid down a few hundred feet of track to support tight shots and moments when the train isn't moving. But almost all shots showing wider perspectives and moving trains was achieved with CG models of trains and railroad tracks composited into live action backgrounds. ...Read More »
Coca-Cola's 2012 Euro Cup "Spirit of the Euro" Commercial Rockets to Life with DaVinci Resolve Coca-Cola's 2012 Euro Cup "Spirit of the Euro" commercial is an animated wild ride that captures the excitement, fun and craziness of the soccer tournament and its fans. In the spot, a very passionate fan zooms through the sky in a Coca-Cola powered soccer boot, releasing soccer ball bubbles in its wake that turn all they touch into deliriously enthusiastic soccer fans. Produced by Portland, Oregon based BENT IMAGE LAB and directed by Carlos Lascano, "Spirit of the Euro" is a highly creative and exciting commercial that required equally intense and vibrant color to bring it to life, which was achieved thanks to Jalal Jemison, BENT's lead colorist, and Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve color correction software. ...Read More »
Australia's RMIT University Leads the Way in 3D Research with the Creation of an Uncompressed 3D HD Video Library When Alex Joseski and Jonathan Burton first met at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, they were simply two friends who shared a passion for filmmaking. Fast forward five years, and you'll find the pair at the helm of Alex and Jono Films, a Melbourne based concept to completion video production company that specializes in cinematography, direction and post production. With a variety of projects under their belts, such as music videos, feature and short films, advertising campaigns, promotional materials and corporate productions, the duo jumped at the chance to act as stereographers and directors of photography for their alma mater's RMIT3DV project: the creation of an uncompressed stereoscopic 3D HD video library. ...Read More »
AJA Ki Pro Finishes First for Digital Garage Formula 1 (F1) Drivers Lewis Hamilton, Bruno Senna and Heikki Kovalainen recently took to the race track, except this time, the race was digital. Codemasters, developer of the new F1 2012 video game, brought the drivers together for a promotional event during the Italian Grand Prix, where they raced on a digital track using Sony PS3 consoles. The BBC was onsite to record live action footage of the event, while UK reseller & systems integrator Digital Garage Group Ltd. used AJA Ki Pro digital video recorders to capture gameplay from the developer versions of the game consoles. All footage was edited and used to create a BBC segment that aired during the Singapore Grand Prix. ...Read More »
DaVinci Resolve 9 to the Rescue! Founded in 1973 by Surf Life Saving Australia, the WWestpac Rescue Helicopter service is the longest serving search and rescue helicopter service in the world. Each year, Westpac saves an average of more than 2,000 lives and has carried out more than 22,000 flights, ranging from medical emergencies to search and rescue missions, during its 39 years in operation. Westpac decided to debut a public service announcement (PSA) about its efforts and called upon well known sponsors Reinhold and Jamie-Lee Habeler from Concept Creative Communications to handle the production. The Habelers then turned to The Film Bakery's Ben Allan and Clara Chong as the cinematographer and director team on the project. ...Read More »
The City of Pocatello Upgrades to SDI Workflow Pocatello, Idaho's Public Access Television department isn't like those of other cities. In addition to offering its residents, as well as those of neighboring Chubbuck, the opportunity to use its production facilities, linear and non linear editing facilities and field equipment all free of charge, Pocatello's Public Access department also holds free studio, camera and editing workshops and welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities to help produce shows in the studio. ...Read More »
SONY Announces New Upgrades And Versions Of Award-Winning Vegas Pro Software Sony Creative Software announced the latest upgrade to its Vegas editing technology. Vegas Pro 12 adds dozens of substantial feature enhancements, performance improvements and workflow innovations to the award-winning NLE, significantly expanding the creative toolkit for editors and content creators at every level of the post-production market. Combining a familiar track-based editing interface with a fluid, interactive approach to media production, Vegas Pro 12 is the perfect choice for a new generation of creative professionals looking for a no-compromise, cost-effective and straightforward way to express their artistic vision without the complexities and learning curve typically associated with other solutions. ...Read More »
A look at films to come this fall By DMO Affiliate After a less-than-stellar summer at the box office, film studios are banking on star-driven films, as well as trusted franchises to carry Hollywood through to the new year. John Russell reports. ...Read More »
Q&A with Animation Supervisor Brad Schiff I have many proud moments from this film. Most of them revolve around the success of the animation team. While it seems like it's all fun and games, what we do is incredibly difficult and taxing...mentally and physically. It takes great skill, concentration and confidence to animate at this level. Witnessing the animators on this film shoot the greatest shots of their careers on ParaNorman has proven to be most rewarding to me. ...Read More »
"Sling Baby" Is A Winner at Super Bowl XLVI Burbank's Blacklist Productions was a part of the process from beginning to end, providing the rented Red camera "Sling Baby" was shot on, and handling color grading and finishing in house with DaVinci Resolve. The one stop shop, which has essentially grown their entire business around the color correction system they purchased last year, considered Resolve to be the instrumental tool in making "Sling Baby" look like a million bucks. ...Read More »
Building Broadcast Communities: From Public Access to Educational Institutions in New York State with Blackmagic Design One project was the creation of an HD studio for Albany Public Access, which was recently completed by CineDV Productions. Albany Community Television "brings transparency to the Capital District" by streaming programming, which includes weekly live broadcasts of City Hall meetings, on cable and online, with the help of a Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher. The ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher was a high quality solution that provided Albany Public Access with a wide range of inputs, outputs and effects. It gave them a switching network that rivaled larger broadcasters, for less than $3,000. ...Read More »
NAB 2012: Sony Creative Showcases New Technology The latest additions to the Sony Creative Software product line include: Spectral Layers, an audio editing platform featuring precise sound shaping capabilities and a unique visual workflow; and ThemeBuilder for Vegas(tm) Pro, a plug-in that enables intelligent template building for professional video projects. Both products are scheduled for technology demonstrations in the Sony booth. ...Read More »
Adobe CS6 Release Delivers Major Innovations for Design, Web and Video Pros Powerful new releases of 14 CS6 applications and four Creative Suites - Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium, and Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection - drive home Adobe's continued innovation across creative markets. A new subscription-based offering, Adobe Creative Cloud, will provide users with the ability to download and install every Adobe CS6 application* announced. ...Read More »
Building the Old Republic: The Technology Behind BioWare€™s First MMO By John Gaudiosi for Digital Innovation Gazette Four years and plenty of hurdles have gone into BioWare`s first MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here`s how it handled a beloved intellectual property in a new way.

...Read More »
RED EPIC-X: Jeremy Wiles and Creative Lab By Heath McKnight The RED EPIC-X with its Mysterium-X Sensor sporting 5K resolution, one of the best dynamic ranges at 13.5 stops (18 with HDRx) and rated at 800 ISO, frame rates up to 120 fps at full resolution, the ability to use a variety of lenses, and you've got a camera that's made for both Hollywood and the working professional. Peter Jackson is using the EPIC in a 3D rig for The Hobbit films, and even more major and indie filmmakers are taking advantage of RED's latest camera. We decided it's time to get to know the RED EPIC-X, and Jeremy Wiles of Creative Lab in West Palm Beach was more than happy to introduce us. ...Read More »
Principal Photo Takes Flight with HyperDeck Shuttle The Lockheed T-33 is an aircraft with history, entering into the United States Air Force in 1948 as America's first operational jet fighter and trainer, and seeing service in a variety of countries over the next three decades. Though it has been retired from most active service, T-33's around the globe are still flying and the plane has become a featured performer in a number of air shows around the globe. Acemaker performer Greg Colyer decided to create a promotional marketing video in order to prove the T-33 is still a sight to behold. ...Read More »
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