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NAB 2014: Review Weekend By ko I've had a day to catch up on the sleep that I didn't get in Las Vegas during this year's NABShow.   And I'll do my best to recap s ...Read More »
NAB 2014: Review Weekend By ko I've had a day to catch up on the sleep that I didn't get in Las Vegas during this year's NABShow.   And I'll do my best to recap s ...Read More »
NAB 2014: Can`t make it? By ko If you can't make to Las Vegas for the biggest convention for everything broadcast related (including pre-production, post-production, delivery ...Read More »
NAB 2014: Here It Comes By ko On my CreativeMac radar, Adobe has launched the first NAB announcement.  As we gear up and make the transition from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for th ...Read More »
Adjustment Layers & Pixel Math By ko Here's the thing. Adjustment Layers are one quick way to get control over your composition while still maintaining the flexibility to make editor ...Read More »
what kind of designer are you By ko New School of Architecture & Design ...Read More »
siggraph already? not even NAB yet. By ko I just started to get my head wrapped around the fact that I'm leaving for Las Vegas again in a few weeks.  The biggest Broadcasting Conference he ...Read More »
Red Giant Universe By ko I just joined the universe of AE (and FinalCut Pro, Premiere Pro) vfx/mograph cool kids. Red Giant Software released their newest implementation ...Read More »
What: Dust Off Fashion??? By ko Hahahahahahaha... I'm a super fan of DustOff.  I'm not in my office right now, but if I were, I could show you a shelf full of cans. Get th ...Read More »
Get Ready #NABShow comes up fast By ko HOW DO I GET MYSELF READY FOR NABSHOW 2014 IN LAS VEGAS? So, you've decided that you're going to NABShow this year. Yep, it's only ...Read More »
Animation Magazine WorldAnim&VFX Summit ...ctnX next By ko It seems like we are just getting finished with our follow ups to Animation Magazine's World Animation and VFX Summit, and right around the cor ...Read More »
Stash Magazine Update By ko Stash 102 is out.  Because there's a new subscription model for Stash, you don't have to wait for delivery, just go online and download your f ...Read More »
New PC for Mocap By ko This weekend, I jumped into putting together a motion capture PC.  It's nothing big, but the right amount of gear to get the motion capture portio ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH 2013: On deck: Fabric Engine By ko Each year, developers continue to amaze attendees with their ability to create new hardware and software that allows animators to get faster feed ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH 2013: MAXON Booth presentations By ko SIGGRAPH 2013  MAXON / Booth #315 The MAXON booth will feature technology demonstrations highlighting the use of its acclaimed 3D creative too ...Read More »
Astute Mirrors your moves in Illustrator By ko Have you ever had to..... wait, lemme rephrase that.... How many times a day have you had to click the path, flip it, make the change, realize ...Read More »
Siber Systems: sync solutions for your creativecloud By ko Are you looking for more accessories to manage the data you're using with Adobe's Creative Cloud?  You may want to check out Siber Systems ...Read More »
Summer Project: iStopMotion for iPad By ko Tech kids can get out of the house and flex their creative muscles with the new version of iStopMotion for the iPad.  DAYLIGHT!  If your kids are tech ...Read More »
Zombies & iPi Soft By ko The next wave of zombie action is about to be unleashed in Dead On Arrival 2 the latest installment in the popular mobile videogame created by the Q ...Read More »
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