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VideoTraxx Film & Video Library Volume 3

Digital Juice has done it again By Charlie White

Digital Juices VideoTraxx Film & Video Library Volume 3 ($599) continues the tradition started with VideoTraxx Volumes 1 and 2, giving you first-rate stock footage in a format thats easy to search and use. VideoTraxx Volume 3 offers a tremendous amount of footage, over 3000 film and video clips in all. Taking a close look at all the shots included in Volume 3, we can only conclude that Digital Juice has done it again. Its hard to find such a great value in stock footage today.

The VideoTraxx 3 package contains 34 DVDs in a quick-access wallet and includes an application disk containing the Juicer 2 search application. With all these thousands of shots and dozens of DVDs, you might imagine that it would be difficult to find exactly the one youre looking for. Thats where Juicer 2 can make your life much easier. In fact, its the most useful feature of all three volumes of VideoTraxx, and works with either one of the volumes or all three together. With Juicer 2, you can execute either a keyword search, or you can browse thumbnails of the clips. When you install the application, it asks you if youd like to install thumbnail clips on your hard drive, which takes up nearly 2 GB, or you can just access the clips from the index DVD. I found it much easier and faster to just go ahead and install all the thumbnail clips on my hard drive. Once youve found those perfect clips, you can output them to the file format of your choice, including AVI, QuickTime, an image sequence, DV, or RTV for the NewTek VT [4]. In order to output to these various formats, it is necessary to render the clips, but you can do that in a batch, so it goes very quickly. Ive raved about Juicer 2 before, and Ill say it again: Its much better than any printed documentation could ever be when it comes to quickly finding the clips you need.

[Click for enlargement] Here's Juicer 2, the application that makes searching and browsing clips a breeze.

Once I reacquainted myself with Juicer 2, it was time for me to take a look at this new set of clips. Once again, Digital Juice has put together literally thousands of great-looking shots. Many of them were shot on film, and many more in high-definition and it shows. Among the standouts is a huge selection of casino footage, which will prove itself useful for feature stories about gambling. Another impressive disk is the one containing medical coverage, with all sorts of medical operations included. I was also highly impressed with the vast array of food shots, all expertly lit and lensed, with steam rising to such an extent that it made my mouth water.  

Although its rare to find a stinker in the bunch, not every shot on VideoTraxx 3 is perfect. For instance, the disk containing Space shots is inexplicably weak. It contains lots of historical footage from the old Gemini and Apollo days, but no shots of the International Space Station. Theres one downright laughable shot of the earth with stars in the background moving in perspective. It looked like something in some cheap science fiction movie from a half a century ago. There are plenty of shots of the space shuttle, but since that hapless crafts days are numbered, the shelf life of the space disk will certainly be short. In fact, speaking of shelf life, all these clips are in standard definition, so you might want to consider their longevity before you spring for this package of stock footage. Unless youre sure you be shooting and editing in standard definition for years to come, you might want to opt for a high-definition stock footage package.

Meanwhile, VideoTraxx 3 will certainly be a work saver for those editing in standard definition. The name of the game here is saving time for the overworked video editor. To own just about any shot covering almost every topic, and then having the ability to drop those shots onto your timeline at a moments notice is a tremendously powerful concept for an editor. Producers will often offhandedly ask for a shot of this or a shot of that, not knowing how difficult it is to obtain such footage. But VideoTraxx makes it easy, and when you buy the set of 34 DVDs in volume 3, or any of the other volumes for that matter, you have the right to use this footage however you want. Of course, Digital Juice does stipulate that you not use the footage for pornography, or other misleading or a legal productions, but besides that you can do what you want with the footage and there are no further royalties to be paid. 

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