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Lighting, part one
Surfacing, part two

4. Part II The Great Outdoors. Adding some trees

Now what? - you guessed it, trees ;-) If there were no constrains with memory, we would use Dave Jerrard's excellent "Trees, it's a breeze" trees for our whole shore, but as there are some memory / speed issues to be considered, we'll just quickly make some mockup trees using the same principles. The trees should have something like 1000 polygons each.

As the meaning of this tutorial is not to re-invent the wheel, I will not go into detail with these, but rather just show the finished lower-poly tree.

The tree should have two surfaces, named "Leaves" and "Trunk".

Once we have the tree object sitting comfortably in one layer, centered and standing at 0.0m. Y, We will use point clone plus to duplicate it about twenty times. Use volume tool to select the top polygons of the ground object, copy and paste them to a new layer.

You now have some randomish bits of the ground object. Do an absolute point merge with a 1.5 m. setting. You should now have about 20 points in the layer. Make it the background layer, and the tree (both the leaves and trunk) the foreground layer.

Run LW_Point_clone_plus+ with the following settings:

Select all polygons using "trunk" surface, cut them to another layer. Save the resulting object as forest01.lwo. Go back to the layer with the leaves, save them as forest01b.lwo.

We now need a plane for the water. Create a disc with these settings:

Give it's surface a name like "water" and save it. We can leave modeler for now.

Next we will hop back to Layout for some surfacing.

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