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The Great Outdoors

3. Refining our object

In modeler, center the object (Objects > Custom > LW_Center).

Select the outer rows of points.

What we are about to do is to stretch these points very far away to create an artifical horizon. Though these will be under water, the water surface will have transparency, and the square shape of our original mesh would show through.

Run "LW_Spherize" plugin (Tools > Custom). This will force the points to form an one meter ring. Stretch tool, input the following values:

This will stretch the points to five hundred meters wide circle, being on the same plane, exactly -1.5 meters in the y-axis. There's some distortion present in the areas that are elevated, so we will also stretch the second rows of points 0% in the Y, at -1.5m. What we have should look something like this so far.

Give the object a "Ground01" surface and save as ground02.lwo.

Part II: Creating some trees

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