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The Great Outdoors

2. Creating and displacing the ground mesh

Open modeler. Create a box object with the following settings:

Triple. Rename surface to Ground01. Check "double sized". Save as Ground01.lwo.

I usually number my objects, surfaces and whatever with serial numbers 01, 02, etc. in order to have intermediate versions, each being a bit closer to finishing. When i get back to the scene later, it's easy to remember which one is i.e.. the finished object. If i have different versions at the same stage i name them 06a, 06b etc.

Open Layout. Import the Ground object. In the objects tab go to displacement map.

U se automatic sizing, no pixel blending or tiling (To avoid artifacts) and Y-axis. Amplitude setting of 3 seems quite ok for our 30X30 m. ground, giving three meters of elevation where there's white in our image.

I used .jpg in this case as i (Lazy ;-) use the same images in this page. A grayscale .iff is better in actual work, saving memory in LW and lacking compression artifacts.

In objects tab, save transformed as Ground02.lwo.

Next we go back to the modeler for a while to finish our object.

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