Move an object by using the math motion plug-in in Inspire 3D

by Vic Cherubini,
epic software group

Math Motion is a great plug-in, and one of the most powerful. Imagine that a client comes in and wants you to create a math video showing what a sine wave looks like. With this plug in it is a snap. What you need to do is create a ball in Modeler, and then load it into Layout. In Layout,

1. Press the Enter key twice.

2. Click the Graph Editor button in the upper left hand side of the screen.

3. Click the button that says, Motion Plugins, and a window pops up.

4. Select IN_MathMotion, then click options.

5. Another window pops up, click the button next to Current Channel. This sets the current motion channel.

6. Select Y Position.

7. In the blank below type in sin(x) exactly as I have it written here.

8. Now make the current channel the
X channel.

9. in the blank type in 0.1*f exactly
as I have it here
(*=times, or multiplication).

10. Click OK.

11. Click continue and then use mo-tion.

12. Play your animation.

Notice that the ball moves, yet you did not place any keyframes. This is why mathematical motion is so useful, you can give something motion and save your self the work of trying to make it look perfect, bacause if you use a mathmatical equation, it will be perfect. The only way it will not be perfect will be if the equation is wrong.

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