DFX Tutorials - Intro
DFX is based on eyeon Software's award-winning Digital Fusion. This series of compositing and special effects tutorials is designed to take the new-to-mid level user through the process of creating and modifying Flows, ending up with a fairly complicated special effects sequence.

DFX owners will note that the software came with all of the footage required to do these tutorials. For those of you who do not have a copy of DFX, go to www.eyeonline.com and download the Digital Fusion evaluation. This version of Digital Fusion can be used to complete the following DFX tutorials. Most of the footage required for the tutorials will be downloaded with the evaluation. Additional footage can be located with your web browser. Type fusion.eyeonline.com, user is 'anonymous' and the password is not required.

Working hands-on with the software, the tutorials gradually introduce more advanced features of the software, building confidence and familiarity. DFX was created to provide different ways to achieve the same results, and users are encouraged to explore them all. Feel free to experiment with the tutorials, to use them as a starting point. eyeon's technical support will be happy to help you ([email protected]).

Please note: Use drag and drop to drop clips and sequences directly into the Flow work area from Windows Explorer.

Remember to use the Right Mouse Button to (RMB) access further options. Enjoy!

Tutorial 1        Tutorial 2        Tutorial 3        Tutorial 4        Tutorial 5        Tutorial 6


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