Questions: How do you create a glow that moves across letters in your titles over time using Inscriber TitleMotion?

1) Create a full line of Titles. The effect will look better if the color of your text is not totally white, so make it a different color or slightly off white. (See step 1 screenshot)

2) Set your TitleMotion title type to "animation"

3) Now click on the "transitions Settings" button, it is the button immediately to the right of the title types. And select the radial button that says "as characters". This will pass all the text on layer 1 to the FX editor as individual objects. (See step 3 screenshot)

4) Go into the FX editor (animation module).

5) As a default the first character in your line of text will be the currently selected keyframe, it will show up as yellow. Now click on the "Filter" tab.

6) Now hit the "insert" key to add another keyframe. You will see on the left side of the filters tab, there is a small box that says "Frame" this should read 30, change it to 5. What this is doing is changing the increment of frames between keyframe 1 and keyframe 2 to only 5 frames. Any subsequent frame you add will also only increment by 5 frames. Once this is done, make sure that key frame 2 is selected, look on left side of the tab again, there is a box that says "Key #", it should be on 2.

7) Now in the luminance section of the filter tab, set the Brightness to 150. And then add a 3rd key frame by hitting the "insert key again". But as soon as you have added this keyframe, make sure that the Key # box is set to 3, and take the brightness down to 0.

So what you should have at this point is 3 keyframes, which are 5 frames apart. Frame 1 should have no filters applied at all, Frame 2 should have 150% brightness, and frame 3 should have no filters applied at all. (See step 7 screenshot)

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Step. 3

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8) Now click on the "Templates" tab, and click on the "+" button in the bottom left corner of the Templates tab. This will add your newly created template to your templates list. It will bring up a dialogue box asking you if you only want to add the currently selected motion path, just select "yes". And then name your template, something like "sheen effect". (See step 8 screenshot)

9) Now let's apply the template to create the desired effect. If you have not played with any of the text, the first letter of your line of text should be selected, shown in yellow. Now in the "templates" tab, make sure your newly created template is selected, and click the checkbox that says "All objects", then go to the "stagger" field on the right side of the tab, and insert a stagger of 3 keyframes. Then hit the "apply" button. (See step 9 screenshot)

That's it, you should render it now and see if it produced the desired effect. For more information on Inscriber TitleMotion or its products, please visit the Inscriber website at

Step. 8 Click on image for larger view