Now would be an excellent time to save your work. Select File>Save, name the file Hand_1 and hit Return. I recommend saving often and saving sequentially numbered files, creating a different version number after each significant change in your model. This will help you go back to earlier versions if you make a mistake, or decide to go in a different direction.

Open the Info panel again and set the U and V Subdivision fields to 4.(Figure 7).

Click images for larger view

This will make the surface of the model a little smoother and more responsive to the changes we are making to the Hull. After changing the setting, press Control>Park or hit the u key to open the Park dialogue and hit Return. Now do a Quick Render.
Your model should now look similar to (Figure 8).
Move to next pair of V steps and Insert and extra V step between them at the default .5 (halfway between the two existing steps). (Figure 9).
Using Tag mode and the Move tool create the form of the next finger joint by reshaping the hull as shown in (Figure 10). Next