Pixels:3D offers many tools to help you manipulate spline meshes in different ways, but personally often find a rather direct approach to shaping my models most rewarding. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be working almost exclusively in Tag mode using the Control>Move, Control>Rotate and Control>Scale tools.

Begin by reshaping the right end of Pointer as shown in (Figures 4 & 5). Work mostly in the Right View window, using other views to reach indivdual or hard to select CVs. Hold down the Command key to Tag points and Shift-Command to add/subtract from the current selection. In this case use the Control>Move tool to drag the CVs into position.

Click images for larger view

In order to make the shapes I am creating as clear as possible, I have turned off surfaces and shaded previews for much of the tutorial.

By drawing the V steps closely together as I am at the bottom of Pointer, and bringing several CVs up sharply, I am creating a slight kink in the surface that will represent the crease on the underside of the finger where it attaches to the palm. To view the result of this turn on surfaces for a minute and examine how the shape of the hull effects the mesh surface.
Move to the next set of three V steps, and reshape them as seen in (Figure 6). Once again I am drawing the mesh together at the bottom to create the crease between the first two joints of the finger, and pulling some CVs up and out to create the hump of the first knuckle. Next