In traditional art, the hands are one of the most difficult parts of the body to draw. They are so complex in contruction and range of motion that they are virtually small figures in and of themselves. Building the hand in 3D is equally challenging, but essential to the creation of realistic figure models. In this tutorial I will present one approach to building a hand in PiXELS:3D.

Launch PiXELS:3D. When the new scene file appears, press Shape>Cylinder, name the cylinder Pointer and accept the default settings. (Fig 1)

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Open the object info panel click on the X Scale field to highlight it and type .38. Hit the tab key to move to the Y Scale field and type .38 again. Hit enter or return to accept these settings. Pointer should now look like (Fig 2).
Working in the Right View window, select a CV on the third V step from the right end of the cylinder and press Reshape>Insert or hit the j key to open the Insert Options dialogue. uncheck U insert and check V insert. Leave the setting at .5 and click OK. (Fig 3) Next