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Here's iFinish's Edit Suite window, where you do the fine tuning and capturing of your clips. Click image for full sized view.

So let's try that Export From Edit Suite command. First, you either trim a clip you'd like to export, or choose an entire timeline. Mark an in and an out on the clip or timeline you'd like to bring to your effects package (keep in mind that real-time effects and transitions that are in this clip or timeline must be rendered for this technique to work.) Then go to File and choose Export From Edit Suite. Then you see an Export dialogue box, where you choose the location where you'd like to save the clip Name it, then select Render as: iFinish QuickTime. Under Video Option select As Media 100 by Reference. At the bottom, after Selection, choose Range if you marked an In and Out, or select Program to export the entire production on which you're working. Click Export and it's done in a flash. After you've done what you'd like to do with that clip in your favorite compositor, bring it back into Finish at exactly the same spot by importing the clip and dragging it to its previous Mark In on the time line. The small wedge will turn red when you hover the clip over it to show that it will drop the clip on the timeline at just that spot.

One great advantage of this Windows version I noticed is its context-sensitive right-click menus, a great time-saver that's possible only in Windows -- sorry, Mac fans, but here's where iFinish really outshines its Mac-based brother, Media 100. Right-click on the blue range strip on the timeline, for example, and you'll see choices of commands that will make your life easier.

Another particularly useful right-click is on the current time indicator (CTI), where you're able to Select from Here, Remove Gaps from Here and lots of other useful commands. And, don't forget the keyboard shortcuts. A favorite of mine is splitting a clip by holding down the Control key and the "/" key. Now, you can either delete the split portion or apply an effect to just that part of the shot (for example, if you'd like an effect where the first part of a shot is in normal motion and then it suddenly changes to slow motion). Another favorite of the power user elite is holding down Control and the G key-that closes the gap between clips, a great housecleaning function. To close all the gaps in the entire timeline, press Control and the K key.

Finally, haven't you always wanted to lasso a group of clips in the timeline? Here's a feature that's a definite short cut: Hold Alt and drag in the blue bar on the timeline and you're able to drag across and select all the clips you want.

Now who says you can't do three-point editing in iFinish? In the timeline, mark an in point using F9 and an out point with F10. Then, double-click on a clip in the bin that you want to edit into your show. Here, mark either the In or the Out depending on whether you'd like to back-time this clip or not. Then drag the clip to the mark in point on your timeline, or the mark out, also depending on whether you're back-timing the out. If you happen to overlap another clip on the timeline, it will place your dropped clip on another track, where it's ready to add a transition.

Speaking of transitions, let's add some. iFinish uses Direct Edit technology to make it fast and easy. Expand the video track by clicking on the arrow just to the left of the letter V. This results in two tracks, emulating an A/B-roll editing environment. To have your dissolve begin at your cut point, in the Fx track, Shift-drag to the right and you can make a transition that's as long as your available footage will allow. If you want the transition to end at the cut point, drag to the left while holding down Shift and Alt. The default transition will be the last one you used, so if you want to change it, double-click the transition bar that you've created and in the Edit Suite window, you're offered a choice of over 52 transitions, many of which are able to be executed in real time (with the V60 or V80 models). The real-time transitions are the ones in bold face type in the Edit suite's Transition drop down menu. By the way, if you'd like to expand the number of real-time transitions available to you, select WipeDesigner in that menu, where you're able to use still gradients to designate custom shapes for your transitions.

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