pmG Introduces Messiah:Animate 3.0

First Stand-Alone version of Project:Messiah 3D Animation Package Will preview at SIGGRAPH 2000

NEW ORLEANS, LA --(July 24, 2000)-- pmG (project:messiah Group) makes its first appearance as a SIGGRAPH exhibitor by giving attendees their first look at messiah:animate 3.0, the first completely stand-alone version of the award-winning 3D character animation package, project:messiah. The company, created in Jan. 2000 by CGI innovators Dan Milling, Lyle Milton and Fori Owurowa, has taken a new name for itself, pmG, as an overall identifier for its new, diversified product line.

messiah:animate’s introduction to the 3D community comes just weeks after the release of project:messiah version 1.5.5, the last version specifically created as a plug-in for LightWave 3D. According to pmG co-founder Lyle Milton, “This standalone version of project:messiah is what the 3D community, both inside and outside LightWave, have been clamoring for, and we are a company that responds to customer demand. When it ships this Fall, messiah:animate will be introduced to a whole new customer base, and of course support existing customers. We are setting out to create a new standard in the CGI industry with messiah:animate 3.0, combining what we feel is the best of power, speed, real-time control and accessibility, all developed with the studio, animator and developer in mind.”

messiah:animate will incorporate all the features of version 1.5.5 with many newly-added abilities, including an even faster interface, to make it one of the most effective 3D programs in the industry. To make it even more attractive to the marketplace, the messiah:animate standalone will also support and enhance MAYA, 3D StudioMAX, Softimage XSI and LightWave. A customizable interface will allow users to resize windows and easily change arrangements of control blocks, buttons and sliders. The new SDK (Software Development Kit) will allow developers to create their own effects and applications that work with, and talk to, messiah. Expanding on messiah’s powerful motion blending tools, a new Non-Linear Animation Editor greatly enhances the program’s MotionClip™ technology. In addition, messiah:animate will also provides support for Renderman RIB files, and will enable users to write scripts that are just as powerful as compiled plug-ins.

Another exciting new addition is messiah:animate’s Real-time Particle System, controllable through the program’s expressions engine. Used in conjunction with messiah’s new ForceHandlers™ system, particles react in real-time to user animatable forces, gravity and wind effects.

We have received an incredible amount of support from our users around the world who have included project:messiah into their productions,” says Dan Milling. “In the highly demanding world of CGI, messiah has become the secret weapon of many productions. Our customers demanded that we make messiah a standalone product.”

pmG’s developers have created some of the most impactful products in the 3D marketplace. Fori Owurowa, with 14 years of CGI experience, has contributed a progressive series of advancements, such as MetaNURBS®, Puppet Master, Metamation, Morph Gizmo, FreeForm 3D, through version 5.5 of LightWave 3D. Lyle Milton spent 10 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories and AT&T Advanced Communication Laboratories as an award-winning artist, project manager, technology visualizer and marketer. As co-founder of One and Only Media, he created LightWave plug-ins such as MacroForm and FXtremePRO, and co-wrote the book, “3D Modeling the Natural Way.” Dan Milling, a former LightWave 3D programmer, was the developer of Translator 3D, and co-developed Morph Gizmo with Owurowa.

Owurowa, Milton and Milling intend to build pmG’s continually growing product line around their long-standing reputations for creativity, innovation, superior customer service, and teamwork. “In this market, anyone can be different, but our business strategy is to be better, Owurowa emphasizes. “Better services, better tools, better support, ultimately, a better product.”

The praise of messiah users bear that out. “project:messiah connected expressions to the IK system, which means that can go and change the way IK works. What else do you want? What else do you need?,” says Digital Domain’s Frank Aalbers. “Messiah is a character animation toolset in a world where a lot of people claim to have character animation toolsets. Messiah is the real deal,” says Allen Coulter of Coulter Studio-Jim Henson Company.

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