Maxtor Announces 7200 RPM DiamondMax Plus 40

Fast 7200 RPM Spin Speed and High 40.9 GB Capacity Makes the New DiamondMax Plus 40 Ideally Suited for Server and Entry-Level RAID Applications

MILPITAS, Calif., Nov. 8-- Maxtor Corporation introduced its high performance DiamondMax Plus 40 hard drives. With a 7200 RPM spin speed and other performance features, these new IDE drives provide the superior performance required for multimedia, Internet, video, and audio applications on high-end desktop systems; as well as for traditionally SCSI applications such as servers and entry-level RAID systems. These drives, available in capacities up to 40.9 GB, will begin volume production in January 2000.

"The DiamondMax Plus 40 drives continue Maxtor's leadership in the important 7200 RPM IDE product category," said Mike Cannon, Maxtor's president and CEO. "These new drives offer the quality, reliability and sustained throughput needed in high-end graphic and video applications such as online video editing. As we continue to set new standards for performance with 7200 RPM IDE drives, we enable our customers to use IDE products in traditionally SCSI applications."

"The performance of Maxtor's 7200 RPM IDE drives has meant significant value for our customers that demand superior drive performance," said Mark Vena, Director, Consumer Desktop Product Marketing at Compaq Computer Corporation. "Maxtor's 7200 RPM drives allow us to provide our customers performance, quality and industry leading capacity points."

The new DiamondMax Plus 40 drives feature a sub-9.0 ms average seek time, a 2 MB cache buffer incorporating a high-speed 100 MHz SDRAM memory for high sustained transfer rate, Maxtor's proprietary DualWave processor, and UltraDMA 66 for up to 66 MB per second transfer rates.

"The demand for 7200 RPM IDE drives is increasing dramatically as purchasers of high-end desktop systems look for faster storage solutions and as they are recognized as viable alternatives to SCSI products in many high-end applications," said John Donovan, vice president of TrendFocus. "The performance generated by 7200 RPM IDE drives are ideal for entry-level RAID subsystems and audio/video applications."

TrendFocus estimates that the worldwide shipment of 7200 RPM drives will increase from approximately 14% in Q3 of this year to approximately 41% by the end of the next year.

"By incorporating Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus 7200 RPM drives in our RAIDZONE(TM) disk arrays, we are able to achieve a RAID level 5 configuration, providing full redundancy capability to our customers with IDE drives," said Bob Ripley, Consensys' vice president of marketing. "Our RAIDZONE customers receive all the benefits of SCSI, such as fast sustained throughput rates, at an IDE price."

The DiamondMax Plus 40 drives include Maxtor's ShockBlock and MaxSafe feature sets, providing one of the most comprehensive reliability packages in the industry. Designed to protect the drive from damage caused by improper handling, the ShockBlock design has demonstrated the ability to withstand up to 1,000G short-duration shock loads without drive failure.

"Online digital video creation is extremely storage intensive: 1 GB of storage holds approximately 1 minute of uncompressed video," said Brad Giotes, director of marketing for New Tek. "Maxtor's high performance IDE drives provide the required capacity, extreme reliability, and high levels of sustained throughput for this video application. 7200 RPM IDE drives from Maxtor in conjunction with our Video Toaster NT product can achieve full uncompressed video quality."

Availability and Pricing

Volume production of the DiamondMax Plus 40 will begin in January. Qualifications will begin next month at leading PC manufacturers worldwide. Estimated retail pricing for the 40.9 GB DiamondMax Plus is $349.

About Maxtor

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