Color Replacement in Photoshop CS
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Sampling, on the other hand, simply determines the source for the Replace Color brush. "Continuous" takes a sample as you go, affecting colors and tolerated colors directly beneath the tool's crosshairs. So it's continuously sampling. "Once" samples only the color sampled when you click on the image and then only affects that color (and tolerated colors) as you continue your stroke. "Background Swatch" uses the background swatch as a pre-defined sample color. Below you'll see examples of the "Continuous" and "Once" sample methods. "Continuous" replaces the colors of the entire image because I moved my brush over the entire image. "Once" replaces only the orange colors because I happened to begin the stroke on an orange portion of the layer.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Limits define where the color will be applied in relation to the sampled color within the area of your brush. So let's say you have a 150-pixel brush, and you're going to apply it to the gradients seen above. "Discontiguous" will affect all of the areas within your image and within the range of your brush that fall into the sampled color's range. "Contiguous" will only affect sampled colors that are in direct contact with the portion of your image beneath the tool's crosshairs. So with the "Contiguous" limit, as you see in the image below, areas that are bounded off by non-tolerated colors will not be affected. The "Find Edges" mode works much like the "Contiguous" mode but also attempts to preserve details at the edges of the sampled section (A fact that may not be readily apparent).

The Tolerance setting behaves just as it does with tools from previous Photoshop releases, such as Paint Bucket and Magic Wand.

And, of course, antialiasing can make your edges softer, though also less precise. If you're using the "Find Edges" Limit, antialiasing helps. Otherwise it tends to get in the way, especially when you're using "Continuous" sampling.

There are some other options related specifically to the brush itself, which we'll get to in the next section.

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