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A52 Finishes Celine Dion's "I Drove All Night" Music Video for Sweet Pea Productions
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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA (Mar. 17, 2003) -- Visual effects and design company A52 today proudly detailed their visual effects and finishing work for Sweet Pea Productions and director Peter Arnell for Celine Dion's new "I Drove All Night" music video - as well as for BBDO Detroit/The Arnell Group's recent multi-spot Chrysler campaign, which also features Celine and was also directed by Peter Arnell.

The first of the Chrysler spots, entitled "Pacifica Performance," debuted on CBS on Jan. 19 during their NFL AFC Championship coverage. "Crossfire Passion," "Brand Anthem," "PT Cruiser Desert Tango" and "Town & Country Family Values" broke later that night during NBC's broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards, and "Crossfire Passion" also notably ran during Super Bowl XXXVII.[an error occurred while processing this directive]
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Like its print component, the broadcast campaign exclusively uses black-and-white imagery to convey the style and elegance of the Chrysler brand. Shot on locations in and around Las Vegas, the spots feature the cinematography of Darius Khondji, whose feature film credits include "Evita" (OSCAR-nominee for Cinematography) and "Seven" (Chicago Film Critics Award winner for Best Cinematography), among many others. All spots are also scored with tracks from Celine's forthcoming Sony Epic Records release One Heart - which is set for Mar. 24 international and Mar. 25 North American release - and Celine herself is featured in four of the five spots.

Together with editor Bee Ottinger of Rock Paper Scissors, A52's visual effects supervisor and Inferno artist Patrick Murphy left the comfort of his Inferno suite in West Hollywood to perform Chrysler campaign Inferno work in Manhattan. That work involved handling subtle effects and enhancements to improve each spot's overall look.

"Bee Ottinger acknowledges Patrick as one of the best Inferno artists in the business," explained Arnell Group/Sweet Pea Productions' executive producer Miriam Franklin. "We brought Patrick to New York because we were working under very tight timelines and conditions and because we were doing most of the finishing on the Chrysler campaign here. Working at a remote facility, he cranked around the clock, weekends and nights, and did an amazing job of taking the gorgeous film from Peter and Darius and making it absolutely flawless."

Murphy described his relationship with Ottinger as one built on complete trust. "Because of the short turnaround on the whole campaign, handling five spots in a matter of days," he explained, "Bee's trust helped us work together to meet the deadline, allowing her to keep editing while knowing that the finished look of every scene would match her and the clients' expectations."

Peter Arnell also went on location to Las Vegas with his crew and accomplished director of photography Rolf Kestermann to direct Celine's music video for "I Drove All Night," the first single from One Heart. The video debuted on Feb. 26, and the song has been among Billboard's Hot 50 top hits for the past three weeks.

Murphy's role for "I Drove All Night" involved more subtle Inferno work similar to that performed for the Chrysler spots. The video was edited by Bee Ottinger and finished at A52's facilities in West Hollywood.

Asked about Murphy and A52, Arnell commented, "Along with Bee Ottinger and Rock Paper Scissors, Patrick Murphy and A52 are part of my post-production team. Regardless of the challenges presented, they never fail to deliver finished work of the highest quality."

For the Chrysler Campaign, the creative team included The Arnell Group's Peter Arnell, who serves as chairman/chief creative officer, as well as Bill Morden and David Vawter of BBDO Detroit. Morden is vice chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO Detroit.

For Sony Epic Music Group, Randy Irwin is vice president of worldwide marketing.

A52's project team was led by managing director Rick Hassen and executive producer Darcy Leslie Parsons. Ron Cosentino served as producer for the Chrysler campaign and Scott Boyajan produced "I Drove All Night" for A52. Flame artists Tim Bird and Marguerite Cargill also contributed to the music video.

Editor Bee Ottinger, who also served as on-set visual effects supervisor for the Chrysler campaign as well as the music video, was supported by Rock Paper Scissors' team of executive producer Linda Carlson and producer Kathy Cogar for both projects.

Credit for the final mixes on the Chrysler campaign goes to mixer Bobby Giammarco and assistant mixer Hillary Kew of New York City's AudioENGINE.

About A52
Established in 1997 as a home for the very latest high-end visual effects technologies and the industry's most talented graphic design artists, West Hollywood visual effects and design company A52 creates award-winning imagery for the world's most visually ambitious commercial and music video projects. The company's work has been honored as being among the very best throughout its marketplace, having received top honors from AdWeek, Advertising Age, Creative Review, Creativity, Shoot and Shots... and also having received AICP Show recognition for three consecutive years along with recent "Outstanding Commercial" Emmy, Automotive Advertising, BDA, Clio, British Design and Art Direction, London International Advertising, PROMAX and International Monitor Awards. For more information, please call executive producer Darcy Leslie Parsons at 310.385.0851.


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