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Magic Bullet Suite Used in Two Sundance Film Festival Selections
Source: Red Giant Software
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San Francisco, CA (Jan. 17, 2003) -- The Orphanage today announced that its popular digital cinema mastering software application, Magic Bullet Suite, was used on two films appearing in competition at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. Magic Bullet Suite made its debut at Sundance in 2000 with four digital video film shorts produced by The Orphanage and has since been used to transform the looks of more than two dozen feature films.

This year, My Flesh and Blood, a Chaiken Films and HBO/Cinemax feature-length documentary directed by Jonathan Karsh, and Night Light, a film short directed by Eric Escobar, were selected for the festival. Using The Orphanage’s Magic Bullet Suite, Karsh and Escobar gave their films the cinematic look that was key to their prestigious selection.[an error occurred while processing this directive]Karsh’s documentary, My Flesh and Blood, is about 11 special-needs children and the woman who cares for them. The film is punctuated by beautifully shot scenes of children enjoying themselves with abandon at a swimming pool party, regardless of their disabilities.

Karsh shot My Flesh and Blood on video for budgetary reasons and ease of shooting. Since the documentary was going to air on television, it was important to avoid having any video stutter. The filmmaker turned to The Orphanage and its proprietary software, Magic Bullet Suite, to test several options for frame rate conversions for the entire movie.

“Since the final output for Chaiken Films and HBO/Cinemax was not to film, several options were possible for achieving a cinematic look. A progressive 30 frames per second was the chosen master. This offered a nice hybrid between the look of video and film—adding a smoother cadence to the final master,” said Aaron Rhodes, Lead Magic Bullet Artist at The Orphanage.

Night Light is a story where love, theft, cosmology, and light pollution collide in the dramatic story of hope in the face of adversity. Ten-year-old Charlie, a budding astronomer, just wants to see the stars one time without the distortion created by the bright lights of the city. One night, Luis, Charlie’s older brother, makes a courageous sacrifice to grant Charlie his wish.

Filmmaker Escobar shot Night Light in NTSC format on DV tape, but really wanted the 24P cinematic look of film. After experimenting for weeks and not achieving his desired results, Escobar turned to Magic Bullet Suite to solve his post-production challenges.

“Magic Bullet does an amazing job at de-interlacing and conforming your interlaced video to 23.976 frames per second—the same as film. It has an outstanding de-artifacting filter that smoothes out the rough, blocky edges that can result from DV compression. Magic Bullet’s Look Suite offers sophisticated color and filtration controls that allowed me to quickly develop a set of unique cinematic looks for my movie. I was also able to save these setups and rapidly apply them to multiple clips,” said Escobar.

Pricing and Availability
Magic Bullet Suite comes in two versions: Magic Bullet Suite Standard Definition (SD) for $995 USD, supporting NTSC and PAL video solutions and Magic Bullet Suite High Definition (HD) for $1,995 USD which has no resolution limit.

Magic Bullet Suite is sold exclusively through Red Giant Software. Browse to for additional product information.

About the Filmmaker
Eric Escobar graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1993, and until 1998, he produced documentaries for the African-American Studies Department at his alma mater. He lives in Oakland and makes films at night and on weekends. Night Light is his first narrative film.

About The Orphanage
Founded by former Industrial Light + Magic visual effects artists Jonathan Rothbart, Stuart Maschwitz, and Scott Stewart, The Orphanage is focused on high-end VFX services and animation for features and broadcast, original motion picture and television production, and digital filmmaking technology development and licensing. Its first feature production, TEN TINY LOVE STORIES, written and directed by Rodrigo Garcia and starring Kathy Baker, Alicia Witt, and Rhada Mitchell was produced in association with the Independent Film Channel for Lions Gate Entertainment. The company’s Emmy nominated VFX team recently completed VFX and animation on the upcoming releases JEEPERS CREEPERS II (MGM) and the Jet Li action epic HERO (Miramax). Its first commercialized technology, the groundbreaking digital filmmaking software Magic Bullet™, was introduced to much acclaim at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas last year and was used extensively by The Orphanage on Paramount Pictures’ and MTV Film’s hit JACKASS – THE MOVIE.

Source: Red Giant Software

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