Creating a Fireworks Display Using Digital Fusion's Particle System

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20. Rename particle emitter 1 to "pEm Mortar" (Use the F2 key as a shortcut.) [an error occurred while processing this directive]

21. Rename particle spawn 1 to "pSp Mortar Smoke"

22. Rename particle direction force 1 to "pDF Gravity"

Next we'll add the flashy part of the particle system, the BOOM. We'll add
another particle spawn to the flow, and set it up so it only spawns particles
at the death of each of the mortars. This will slow things down significantly
until we make a few changes. It might be a good idea to stop interactive
playback here.

23. Add a second pSpawn between the pSp Mortar Smoke and the pDF Gravity

24. Rename the second pSpawn, to "pSp BOOM"

25. In the controls tab, enter the following settings;

Random seed (pick a nice number of your choice)

Number = 300

Lifespan = 35

Lifespan Variance = 5

Velocity Transfer = 0

Velocity = 0.1

Velocity Variance = 0.025

Angle Variance = 360

Angle Z Variance = 360

Rotation mode = Rotation relative to motion

26. Check set 5 under the sets tab.

27. Under the conditions tab

Start age = 0.999

Set mode = Affect specified sets

Uncheck 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (we want set 1)

To get the gravity to also affect the boom clusters;

28. Under the pDF Gravity tool conditions check set 5

Playing this back reveals that we now have the second spawn tool exploding
particles just before the death of each mortar. They still don't look right
though. There's no color yet, and no air friction. Let's add a particle
tool, friction, to simulate this.

29. Add a particle friction [pFr] between the pSp BOOM and the pDF Gravity.

30. Rename it to "pFr Air"

Source: eyeon Software

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