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NEW! Tutorials

With the rollout of Digital Fusion 3.02, it was time for some new tutorials that point out some of the new features available in the software. So, talented artists from within the company and from the Digital Fusion user base were brought together to create a few new informative tutorials.

1. Text+ Tool: Text+ Swarm
One of the biggest advancements to Digital Fusion 3 is the new Text+ character generator. In this tutorial learn how the new 'Follower' option can easily automate character level text animation. The bees are coming!
2. Text+ Tool: Text+ Tunnel
The new Text+ tool can also be modified to create effects other than text. In this tutorial learn how to create a cool looking tunnel effect with just the Text+ tool.
3. Text+ Tool: Text+ Rays
The following tutorial offers a quick and dirty alternative way to create a ray-of-light effect if you're in a bind and don't have 5D's plugin designed for this purpose.
4. Text+ Tool: Text+ Tornado
The Text+ tool is capable of 3D transformations of characters, words or entire lines of text. This tutorial will only cover one of the many powerful features in this new tool.

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